Players will need to use their flashlight in Starfield to navigate dark caves and abandoned outposts, but switching it on may not seem simple to some.

Fortunately, using this handy little device carried over from the Fallout series is much easier than many may assume.

So, whether you’ve forgotten how to use it from the initial tutorial or are just curious from the get-go, below you’ll find out how to use your flashlight in Starfield.

How to Use the Flashlight in Starfield

To turn on the Flashlight in Starfield, hold LB (Xbox Controller) or F (PC) until it comes on.

Make sure you are holding the button and not just pressing quickly, as the F key and Left Bumper are also used for other actions in the game.

The player using their flashlight in a dark room in Starfield

Pressing LB on Xbox, for example, brings up the scanner which you can use to fast-travel or scan nearby objects. Similarly, pressing F on PC activates the scanning mode.

The flashlight in Starfield is not an item in your inventory like torches were in Skyrim. Instead, your flashlight is equipped on your helmet.

All helmets come with a flashlight installed, so you don’t need to worry about equipping the wrong one. As a result, you can be sure that your flashlight will always be automatically equipped.

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