If you’re wondering what the file size of the enormous planet-hopping sci-fi adventure game Starfield will be on Xbox or PC, then you’re in luck.

The file sizes for both platforms have fortunately been revealed. We finally know just how big a game with 1,000 procedurally generated planets truly is.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll probably need to free up quite a bit of space to install Starfield, as its file size is staggeringly large. Below we’ve outlined exactly how much space you’ll need for Starfield.

Starfield Xbox Series X/S File Size

Starfield’s Xbox file size will be approximately 139.84GB on launch, not including any day-one updates or future patches.

Starfield’s file size was initially revealed on its official Xbox store page as 125GB but was recently updated to 139.84GB.

You can see it for yourself by heading to the “More” section on Starfield’s Xbox store page listing.

Starfield file size highlighted on Xbox store page listing

Starfield PC & Steam File Size

Starfield’s Steam and PC file size will also be approximately 125GB on launch, although this could also increase with additional updates.

Once again, there currently doesn’t seem to be a difference in file size between the Premium and Standard editions of Starfield on PC.

Starfield's Steam file size requirements

How to Pre-Load Starfield

According to an Amazon Listing, players will be able to pre-load Starfield on Xbox Series X and S on Wednesday, August 9, 2023. To pre-load it, follow these instructions:

  • Pre-order Starfield
    • Alternatively, you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or be a pre-existing member
  • Locate Starfield on the Xbox Store
    • If you are a Game Pass member, locate it via Game Pass
  • Select Pre-Install
The pre-install page on Starfield store page

There is currently no pre-load date for PC. However, this will likely arrive a few days before the game’s official release date.

It’s worth noting that if you pre-order Starfield prior to the pre-load date, you will only be able to pre-install it. This will simply pre-install Version, which requires roughly 314MB of space.

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