Starfield fans are starting to create some pretty cool ships through the in-game builder, and now one player has even made their very own Star Wars X-Wing!

The shipbuilder in Starfield can be a little tricky to navigate; however, as more gamers learn to use it, their creations are gaining a lot of traction.

If you are a Star Wars and Starfield fan, you will undoubtedly enjoy this custom ship. Let’s dive in and showcase this X-Wing in Starfield!

Star Wars X-Wing Recreated in Starfield

Reddit user Fudgiebrown has received a ton of plaudits for their recreation of the Star Wars X-Wing ship in Starfield’s shipbuilder.

While this ship may not be the exact dimensions of an X-Wing, albeit slightly larger and wider, the appearance certainly resembles the iconic ship from the Star Wars franchise.

You can view this custom build below:

After posting, the Reddit thread blew up with players in awe at this custom ship. Users were quick to credit Fudgiebrown for their build, citing that it “looks great” and could be “one of the best X-Wings in the game.”

Star Wars and Starfield fans were also understandably requesting how to replicate this creation.

One user asked Fudgiebrown to create a tutorial for their build, allowing them to have this ship as their own in their game.

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Meanwhile, another user suggests Starfield should add a ship “copy and paste code” so other gamers can copy builds more quickly.

However, as of now, there is no tutorial available. Additionally, the creator has not given instructions on what parts were used in the building process.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to recreate this extraordinary custom ship, you will have to go off this one image and use your eye to determine which parts were used.

You can view a side-by-side comparison of the two ships here:

As more players become accustomed to the Starfield shipbuilder, we expect many more creative and cool-looking ships to start popping up. We may even see some more Star Wars-themed vehicles.