Starfield fans will want to know what actually carries over to New Game Plus before beginning the story anew.

If you’re at the very end of your Starfield adventure, you’re actually not as close as you’d think! Bethesda’s space RPG has an incredible take on the New Game Plus mode, which we won’t spoil for you here.

If you’re interested in finding out what happens next, here’s a full breakdown of how Starfield’s New Game Plus works!

But for those wondering about starting fresh, here’s a spoiler-free guide to what carries over and what resets in Starfield New Game Plus.

Ship in starfield

Everything That Carries Over in Starfield New Game Plus

By entering New Game Plus, players will carry over most character-related attributes, but lose all items and ships they’ve gathered along the way.

All quest progress, relationships, and Credits will be lost, but your character will still be as you remember them.

Here’s a full list of everything that carries over and what resets when beginning the game again:

Carries OverResets
Character LevelCredits
SkillsQuest Progress
BackgroundCompanion Bonds
TraitsInventory (All Items & Weapons)
New Armor & Ship RewardShips (Other than The Frontier)

Although you’re basically saying goodbye to all of your belongings, there are two items that you’re only given in the New Game Plus run – a brand-new ship and armor set.

You’ll be given these items at the start of your next playthrough, but those who don’t want any spoilers whatsoever should turn back now before we get into them below.

The following section contains spoilers for two free items you're given for starting New Game Plus

New Ship & Armor in New Game Plus

As you begin New Game Plus in Starfield, you’ll automatically find yourself in a high-tech ship known as the Starborn Guardian.

This ship is an incredible vessel, with a huge cargo, shield capacity and a 30 LY grav jump range. On top of that, it boasts powerful weaponry and the ability to house 5 crew members – but it’s not customizable.

From what we can tell, the stats of this ship may change very slightly, either at random or due to your character’s perks.

Starborn Guardian Ship in Starfield

What’s more, you’ll also already be wearing the Starborn Spacesuit Astra armor, one of the best pieces of gear that Starfield has to offer.

This suit comes with three random perks which will differ for every player. It is always Legendary tier, and even comes with an in-built jump pack!

Starfield Starborn Spacesuit Astra

Entering New Game Plus is the only way to get your hands on these unique items, and those who have reached the Starfield endgame will understand why they’re significant.

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