Starfield has multiple endings for players to experience, but you’ll only be able to pick one to end your playthrough.

After what’s most likely at least 24 hours of gameplay, it’s finally time for your Starfield journey to come to an end. But, in a way, it’s only just beginning.

Here’s a breakdown of every ending in Starfield and how to obtain it:

For obvious reasons, this article contains heavy spoilers. Unfortunately, there's no way to discuss Starfield's endings without getting into spoiler territory.

Starfield All Endings Guide

There are three main endings for Starfield:

  • You enter the Unity and become Starborn. You then travel to The Lodge and rejoin Constellation, replaying the Main Quest.
  • You enter the Unity and become Starborn. You then travel to The Lodge and tell Constellation about Starborn and the Artifacts’ true purpose, skipping the Main Quest.
  • After reaching the Unity, you turn back and decide to stay in your universe.
Starfield Skip or Repeat Main Quest

As for how you get there, you’ll have to collect each of the Artifacts in Starfield’s Main Quest. And along the way, you’re going to come across two major choices that also slightly affect your ending:

  • In ‘High Price to Pay’ you’ll either Defend The Lodge or Go To The Eye.
    • If you choose to Defend The Lodge, the companion with the highest affinity towards you will die (Sam, Sarah, Andreja, or Barrett).
    • If you choose to Go To The Eye, the companion with the second highest affinity towards you will die (Sam, Sarah, Andreja, or Barrett).
    • The person that dies will then become the true identity of The Emissary – or at least an alternate version of them will.
  • In ‘Unearthed’ you’ll be able to side with the Emissary, the Hunter, or neither of them.
    • Siding with the Emissary will lead to you defeating the Hunter and forming the Armillary. The Emissary remains in your original universe, helping to guide others to find the Unity. Many noble Starborn are reborn under their guidance
    • Making an alliance with the Hunter causes you to defeat the Emissary or convince them to flee. The Hunter passes through the Unity with you, leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. Many others will also find the courage to rise and seize power for their own means.
    • Alternatively, siding with neither will lead to you battling both the Emissary and Hunter at once (or convincing them to give up). The path to the Unity is left for humans to discover on their own, without the intervention of Starborn.

Starfield The Unity Endings

After completing Unearthed, all that’s left to do is to take the final Artifact and assemble the Armillary on your ship. Then, traveling to another system will take you straight to the mysterious ‘Unity’.

When they arrive at The Unity, players will find another version of themself waiting there. This alternate player character will explain their options to them.

Meeting Yourself in The Unity Starfield

By entering the Unity fully, players will lose their humanity, giving it up to the universe in order to become Starborn. This is Starfield’s version of a New Game Plus mode.

As a Starborn, you’ll be able to pass into a brand-new universe, much like the Emissary and the Hunter did. You’ll be able to make new choices, reset all quest lines, and continue growing in power – and you’ll also gain access to Starborn armor and a high-tech Guardian ship!

Here’s what content carries over to your new universe, and what resets:

Carries OverResets
SkillsQuest Progress
BackgroundsCompanion Bonds
Starborn Armor & Guardian Ship (New)Ships (Other than The Frontier)

After arriving in the new universe, you’ll be able to return to the Lodge where you have an important choice to make.

When meeting Constellation in The Lodge for the first time, players will be able to choose to Skip or Repeat the Main Quest of Starfield.

Should You Skip or Repeat the Main Quest?

Both skipping and repeating the Starfield Main Quest introduces new gameplay options, but we recommend choosing to Skip the Main Quest as it provides an interesting new angle to explore.

This will cause you to tell Constellation about the Artifacts and the Starborn. The organization will then help you find the Artifacts in this new universe, giving you the location of the 6 remaining Artifacts to find.

New Game + in Starfield

In this way, you can easily assemble the Armillary again, and return to the Unity to travel to yet another universe.

Alternatively, choosing to Repeat the Main Quest will provide minor differences, such as giving you a chance to save everyone during the ‘High Price to Pay’ mission.

What Happens if You Don’t Go Through the Unity?

You can also choose to walk away from the Unity, if you’d rather not travel to a new universe. This will return you to your ship, where you can disassemble the Armillary and continue to explore your universe.

All your progress will be there as you left it, allowing you to finish up any unfinished business.

The Armillary in Starfield

However, if you’re looking to complete Starfield, obtain the ‘One Giant Leap’ achievement, or see the end credits roll, you’ll need to eventually return to the Unity.

In addition, all your companions will start talking about making the jump to a new universe, indicating that this should be your eventual destination one way or the other.

Whenever you’re ready to return, simply build the Armillary again and the Unity will be waiting for you.

Starfield Companion Endings

Your Starfield companions are implied to also travel with you through the Unity – at least the ones that you currently had onboard your ship.

However, none will follow you into your new universe. Instead, they must arrive in other universes of their own.

Constellation Ending in Starfield

The remainder of Constellation will stay behind, working together to publish their data regarding the discovery of the Artifacts, the Starborn, and the Unity.

As for your romanced companion, if you had one, you’ll see them appear in the Unity as a vision, informing you what will happen to them should you choose to leave and become Starborn.

The Emissary / Hunter Endings

Also appearing in the Unity is the outcome of the Starborn storyline. If you chose to team up with the Emissary, you’ll learn that your actions caused the Starborn allegiance to become more lenient, working with humans to guide others to the Unity.

Starfield The Emissary Ending
Credit: Ruba

If you instead made an alliance with the Hunter, you’ll learn that the Starborn passed through the Unity and got reborn one more. He continues to travel between universes, dealing out his own brand of justice and collecting Artifacts.

Starfield The Hunter Ending
Credit: Ruba

However, many others also find the courage to rise and seize power from those who have it, in his wake.

Finally, siding with neither the Emissary or Hunter means that the Starborn no longer meddle in your universe. Humans are free to discover the path to the Unity on their own.

Defeating Hunter and Emissary Ending Starfield

Starfield Faction Endings

In addition, you’ll get a glimpse into the outcome of each of the game’s Factions and what became of them after you left.

These will only appear if you completed their full questlines, so if you left some tasks undone, your Unity will be remarkably empty.

The United Colonies, Freestar Collective, Crimson Fleet, and Ryujin Industries can all appear here, and your choices will determine how they went on to affect the universe.

Does Starfield Have a True Ending?

No, Starfield does not have a true, or even a dedicated good/bad ending to encounter. All three endings of the game have good and bad qualities to them.

Starfield Ending at the Unity

You could argue that siding with the Hunter is a ‘bad’ ending, as it leaves the Starborn to freely kill his way through various universes on a quest for power.

But while the Hunter might be selfish, he also encourages others to seize power for themselves, if they want it.

It’s also possible to see siding with the Emissary as a ‘good’ ending, as we’re told they become more lenient thanks to your actions, helping others reach the Unity. But perhaps the closest thing you have to a True ending in Starfield is siding with neither Starborn and then convincing them not to fight you.

Starfield Ending Dialogue

That way, humans are free to discover the secrets of the Artifacts on their own. And no Starborn has to die to reach that goal.

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