Fans eager to catch a glimpse of what Earth is like in Starfield’s universe finally can, as leaked gameplay footage shows our planet in action.

Starfield offers players the opportunity to explore 1,000 unique planets, but surprisingly, many players just want to explore their own.

Footage of Earth in Starfield has been scarce until recently. Fortunately, new gameplay reveals just what happened to our planet.

Starfield Earth Gameplay

A new gameplay leak intended to reveal planet boundaries has given fans their first look at Earth in Starfield.

The clip, originally uploaded to YouTube, shows the player running across a vast desert until they hit an invisible wall and are faced with a message that reads, “Boundary Reached. Open the map to explore another region, or return to your ship.”

However, most notably, the compass on the bottom left reads “Earth,” indicating the planet the player is on.

It’s worth noting that while the above video is compressed, the original video had much clearer text.

Fans have known for a long time that Earth would feature in Starfield, with the iconic Gateway Arch in St. Louis appearing in one of the trailers.

However, this footage is the first instance of it in action, with the player actively exploring the desolate sand-covered landscape.

Additionally, an image of a ruined version of the Shard, a famous landmark in London, appeared online. The image showed the building buried in the sand, with only the top of its peak jutting out.

You can see the image below. However, if it has been removed, you can also see it here.

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