When you’ve explored all the galaxy has to explore, why not spend your time setting up massive domino chains in Starfield?

That certainly seems to be what players are thinking, as many of them are spending hours setting up elaborate domino chains using everything from books to sandwiches.

Bethesda’s physics engines have always been a highlight of its games, whether that means being launched into the air by a giant in Skyrim or cramming Oblivion corpses into display cases.

But now Starfield is continuing a popular trend by creating massive domino chains using any item users can find.

Fans Are Making Domino Chains in Starfield

After a month of exploring the universe, Starfield players are now discovering new ways to entertain themselves in-game, like creating huge domino chains using the game’s physics engine.

Using any item they can stack upright, players are abusing their Quicksave buttons to meticulously place down objects with an incredible degree of patience.

Some domino fans have even got more creative with their stacking, creating a split path, or using a soccer ball to continue their chain.

We shudder to think of how long some of these took to set up – and how many times they were accidentally knocked down along the way.

Give it a little time and soon we may see something on the scale of the iconic Oblivion Domino Day video, a feat of engineering that still amazes us 17 years after its initial upload:

It’s always funny that with everything available for players to experience in Bethesda games, fans always find unique ways to entertain themselves.

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