In a recent Q&A session, the developers of Starfield unveiled the number of companions available to players throughout the game.

Bethesda’s games have consistently showcased companions as a significant element, pivotal in their RPG game series.

With the developers confirming the number of companions, let’s delve into the insights shared by them in their latest Q&A.

How Many Companions Are There in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can assemble a crew with over 20 named Companions.

Will Shen, Lead Quest Designer, and Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Game Designer, revealed this information during a Discord Q&A.

Pagliarulo emphasized the significant role these Companions will play in the space action RPG, stating that their integration with the main quest was a key priority.

[Companions] were a big priority for us, and we really wanted to tie them directly to the main quest.”

Emil Pagliarulo – Lead Game Designer for Starfield

Furthermore, Will Shen mentioned that among the Companions, four hail from Constellation. These characters boast more elaborate narratives and interaction than most other companions.

However, he reiterated that all Companions will have unique backgrounds and follow you around.

Although not confirmed, these four Companions may likely serve as part of the “four different romance options” mentioned by Game Director Todd Howard in June 2023.

Four of them are from Constellation and have the most story and interaction with the player, but all of the named characters have their own backgrounds and can follow you around (and carry your stuff).

Will Shen – Lead Quest Designer for Starfield
Starfield Companions on your Ship

Finally, alongside the number of companions, Emil Pagliarulo also verified that you’d have the option to hire generic crew members in Starfield.

These will become available at your outpost or aboard your ship in addition to the named companions.

In addition to the companions, you can also hire generic crewmembers to work at your outpost or on your ship.”

Emil Pagliarulo – Lead Game Designer for Starfield

While the Q&A session was undoubtedly informative, there is likely even more information about the Companions feature we have yet to learn.

However, with an early access release date of September 1, 2023, we may have to wait until then to find out.

If you wish to view the full contents of the Starfield Developers Q&A, you can read the full transcript here. It is worth noting that this post may include minor spoilers for some features in Starfield.

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