Bethesda’s Starfield looks like the perfect game to take on the go – but does the space-themed RPG support cross-save?

In recent history, Xbox has become the best platform when it comes to taking your saved data with you.

Thanks to Microsoft’s extensive PC support, Cloud gaming, and the company’s Play Anywhere initiative, gamers are often able to pick up where they left off, no matter where they want to play.

But is Starfield the latest title to enjoy Xbox’s cross-save functionality?

The player exploring mountains in Starfield

Does Starfield Have Cross-Save?

Yes, Starfield does appear to have cross-save support between console and PC.

Neither Bethesda, nor Microsoft has officially announced the feature, but the game’s store page has recently changed now feature the ‘Play Anywhere’ tag.

What this means is that if you have an Xbox Series X/S console and a PC, you should be able to transfer your save file between the two devices simply by signing into the same Xbox account.

We'll update this article if any official statement is made as to Starfield's cross-save feature.
Starfield Cross Save With Xbox Play Anywhere

Purchasing the game (or installing it via Xbox Game Pass) on either platform should let you play the game on both PC and console with your progress carrying over.

Although many Xbox first-party games do support Play Anywhere, it’s worth noting that no other Bethesda Games Studio title currently supports cross-save.

Of course, now that Microsoft officially owns Bethesda, it could be making more of an effort with what is sure to be Xbox’s biggest launch of the generation.

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