During the lengthy Starfield Direct on June 11, Bethesda revealed their premium collector’s edition with the Starfield Constellation Edition.

In addition to the usual special edition fare, Bethesda also unveiled its very own smartwatch and case.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Constellation Explorer’s Watch before you dip into the collector’s edition.

What is the Constellation Explorer’s Watch?

The Constellation Edition Watch is a fully functioning Chronomark smartwatch that’s modeled on the Constellation Explorer’s Watch in Starfield.

Close up of the Chronomark Watch being worn by in-game character in Starfield

In the game, the watch acts as your HUD and notifies you of important information. It provides a compass and gives detailed information on the environment, including the temperature and level of gravity.

HUD overlay of Chronomark Watch showing moon gravity and temperature with character on the moon in the background in Starfield

Starfield Constellation Edition Watch Specs

The exact specs for the Starfield Constellation Edition Watch are yet to be revealed. We will update this article as soon as more information is announced or leaked.

During its reveal during the Starfield Direct, Todd Howard explained how it can “connect to your phone to give you notifications and other information”.

Showing the features of the Starfield Chronomark Watch on its screen

This “other information” was alluded to in a leak last year that gave more information on some of the watch’s speculated features. This includes weather information, moon phases, and sunrise info, as well as a barometer.

Though yet unconfirmed, the Explorer’s Watch is expected to include other smartwatch features, such as a fitness tracker and a pedometer.

In addition to what may or may not be under the hood, the Constellation Explorer’s Watch sports a gorgeous Retro NASA-inspired design and comes in a striking case of a similar design.

Starfield Constellation Edition case

Starfield Constellation Edition Release Date

You can get your hands on the beautifully designed Chronomark Starfield Constellation Edition Watch and its case on Friday, September 1, 2023.

This is also when Early Access begins for those that have pre-ordered the game. Starfield officially releases on September 6.

You can find out where to pre-order the Starfield Constellation Explorer’s Watch here.

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