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Starfield Coming Much Sooner Than Expected According to Insider

Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG adventure Starfield may be coming much sooner than anticipated according to one industry insider.

The Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda has sparked all kinds of speculation and changes to the wider gaming industry. While Bethesda will continue to work on the same games as before, there’s now the chance that some will become Xbox exclusives.

In fact, Xbox has already confirmed this will be the case eventually. However, the good news for Sony fans is that some Bethesda games will continue to release on PS5 – some will even be PS5 exclusives.

But when it comes to big upcoming games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Starfield, the community is waiting to see where the chips will land. Starfield will be Bethesda’s next big RPG adventure – but it will be a science-fiction game set in the far future like Mass Effect.

The game will probably borrow heavily in terms of style and mechanics from Bethesda’s other flagship franchises, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls. But in a very different setting.

As you may already know, Fallout is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, while the Elder Scrolls is a medieval high-fantasy series. Starfield then, will be completely fresh, despite essentially being Skyrim in space – which sounds good to us!

Like the Elder Scrolls 6 or the unannounced Fallout 5, Starfield is likely to be a long way away. But one industry insider has stated we may see it sooner than we previously thought.

Starfield Skyrim

Insider Knows When Starfield Will Be Released

Jeff Grubb has been pretty prolific in his predictions of late. He recently suggested Bethesda will show off more Elder Scrolls 6 gameplay.

And warned fans not to expect too much from Microsoft’s upcoming event later this month – which so far is still unconfirmed.

But now, Grubb has stated that Starfield is coming in late 2021 - and that Bethesda plans to show it off at E3. He adds the caveat that COVID-19 restrictions could result in plans changing though.

While this is exciting, we’re slightly dubious. Grubb has been correct in the past, and it makes total sense for Bethesda to show off Starfield at E3 - but are Microsoft/Bethesda even attending E3 2021?

So far, Microsoft is yet to confirm their attendance. It’s entirely possible that Bethesda attends independently. But since the acquisition, that seems unlikely to us.

A late 2021 release of Starfield also raises a few eyebrows. We’ve seen nothing of the game, so a release in 2021 feels like a stretch. Although it could happen if Bethesda is further along with development than we know.

Bethesda Xbox

Is Jeff Grubb Right?

Grubb has made a lot of predictions in recent weeks. He also expects we’ll see an Elden Ring reveal at some point soon too. But for now, take what he says with a pinch of salt.

At least until one of his recent predictions comes true. Let’s see what Microsoft does at the end of March when it comes to confirming their plans for Bethesda.

This will verify if Grubb’s predictions are on the money – or not. If they are, then it may be time to get excited about Starfield.

But there’s plenty of Microsoft news to be excited about now! For example, EA Play is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Also, new leaks suggest that Microsoft is in talks to acquire more studios, this time in Japan!

Finally, leaks suggest that the Xbox Series X/S will soon get a new VR headset.

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