A build planner for Starfield has appeared online from the folks over at Nukes & Dragons, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Starfield’s character creator is deep and chock full of customization options, but may be a bit of a slog for those wanting to get right into the action and begin the game’s galaxy-spanning journey straight away.

Thankfully, the Starfield build planner from Nukes & Dragons has you covered. It allows players to plan their character builds ahead of time so they can get right into the good stuff.

Starfield Best Skills featuring logos for Ballistics, Boos Pack Training, and Persuasion Skill in front of Starfield Key art of a man in a space suit with a space ship launching in the background

How to Use the Starfield Build Planner

To use the Starfield build planner, you’ll need to head over to the Nukes & Dragons website to access their exclusive character build planner and calculator for Starfield.

You’ll have the option to pick your Background, Traits, and Skills. It’ll also give you the corresponding level you need to be to play as the build you want when in-game.

The build planner is under development and will be updated with more accurate information when the game is released.

Follow these steps to make the best use of the Starfield build planner:

  1. Click on the “Starfield Build Planner” when on the main page
Starfield Build Planner main page
  1. Click on “Background”
    • Pick one of the 21 Backgrounds available in Starfield
    • Each background immediately unlocks three skills associated with it
Starfield Build Planner selecting and choosing Backgrounds
  1. Click on “[choose traits]” to select the Traits you would like to start with
    • There are 17 Traits to choose from
    • You may only select 3 Traits in total
Selecting three Traits in Starfield Build Planner
  1. Start allocating skill points into the five categories to plan your build
    • There are five skill categories in Starfield. They are:
      • Physical
      • Social
      • Combat
      • Science
      • Tech
Five skill categories in Starfield Build Planner
  1. Each skill category has four Tiers
    • You’ll notice that you must place at least four skills in the Tier above for the points allocated in the next Tier to count:
Tier restrictions in Starfield Build Planner
  1. Go through and allocate skill points for each category
    • Once finished, it’ll look something like this:
Completed build in Starfield Build Planner
  1. You’ll see your character’s level calculated at the top, depending on how you have allocated your skill points:
Calculated character level in Starfield Build Planner
  1. You can name your build and share it as a link or on social media:
Selecting option to name your build in Starfield Build Planner

There you have it! The build planner from Nukes & Dragons is a great way to cut out the guesswork so you can get straight into the game when you boot it up.

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