There are a total of 82 skills in Starfield, but hardly any of them are as essential as Boost Pack Training.

Boost Pack Training grants access to the (you guessed it) Boost Pack in Starfield, a glorified jet pack that significantly improves traversal when exploring a planet’s surface.

Unfortunately, you don’t have immediate access to the Boost Pack when starting the game.

Below, we’re going to go over how to get the Boost Pack and how to make the best use of it in Starfield.

The player and their companion in space suits walking across a planet in Starfield

How to Get the Boost Pack in Starfield

You can get the Boost Pack in two ways in Starfield:

  1. Follow the main story until you join Constellation and receive a Boost Pack for free
  2. Find the Boost Pack as loot from defeated enemies, inside chests, and within containers

The easiest way to get the Boost Pack in Starfield is to follow the main story until you join Constellation. You will be rewarded with the Constellation Pack for doing so. You can find other Boost Packs as loot when playing the game and equip them on your character.

To join Constellation you need to follow the main story until you speak to Barrett on Vectera. He will inform you about Constellation and give you his ship so you can travel to join them in New Atlantis.

Barrett wearing a space suit in Starfield

Once there, talk to Sarah Morgan and join Constellation. You will be rewarded with the Constellation Pack for doing so.

Sarah Morgan standing next to a fireplace in Starfield

How to Use the Boost Pack in Starfield

To be able to use the Boost Pack in Starfield, you must put at least one skill point into the Boost Pack Training skill in the Tech category in Starfield’s skill tree. You then need to have a Boost Pack equipped to use it.

You can find the Boost Pack Training skill in Tier 1 of the Tech skill tree.

Boost Pack Training in Tier 1 Tech Skill menu in Starfield
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It’s important to note that you can choose certain Backgrounds that already put a skill point in Boost Pack Training when creating your character. Here are the Backgrounds that unlock Boost Pack Training immediately:

  • Bounty Hunter
    • Skills: Piloting, Targeting Control Systems, Boost Pack Training
  • Soldier
    • Skills: Fitness, Ballistics, Boost Pack Training

Boost Pack Controls

To use the Boost Pack, press the jump button again while in mid-air after jumping. After boosting and expending your fuel, there is a short recharge of about five seconds before you can use it again.

Here’s how to jump in Starfield:

  • “Y” button for Xbox Series X/Series S
  • “Space” key for PC
The Player using the Boost Pack in third-person on a moon in Starfield
Credit: JuiceHead

Boost Pack Upgrades

You only need to put one skill in Boost Pack Training to be able to use Boost Packs in Starfield. There are four ranks in total for the skill. They are:

  • Rank 1 – You can now utilize boost packs.
  • Rank 2 – Using a boost pack expends less fuel.
  • Rank 3 – Boost pack fuel regenerates more quickly
  • Rank 4 – Doubles previous bonuses.
Selecting Rank 1 of the Boost Pack Training skill in Starfield
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To progress to each rank of Boost Pack Training you need to meet certain requirements so you can put a skill point to unlock that rank. For example, you need to use the Boost Pack a total of ten times in combat to unlock the ability to put a skill point in rank 2.

Although you only need rank 1 to unlock it, we highly recommend spending more skill points on upgrading Boost Pack Training when you can.

This is because it significantly reduces its fuel cost, meaning that you can float and hover for longer periods, greatly helping in a myriad of combat scenarios in Starfield.

Using the Boost Pack in combat in Starfield
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All Types of Boost Packs Explained

You can come across four different types of Boost Pack while playing Starfield. They are:

  • Basic Boost Pack
    • The simplest type of Boost Pack available. Okay for short boosts.
  • Skip-Velocity Boost Pack
    • Can boost more often, but are weaker. Has a decent trajectory and is good for low-gravity environments.
  • Power Boost Pack
    • Can boost less often, but are more powerful. Has decent lift and is good for high-gravity environments.
  • Balanced Boost Pack
    • A decent blend of lift and trajectory.
Starfield Third-Person Protagonist

And there you have it! If all that wasn’t enough to convince you how important the Boost Pack Training skill is, hear it from Bethesda’s very own Pete Hines himself:

For some other great early skill options, be sure to check out our guide for the best Starfield skills to unlock first.

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