When creating the perfect ship in Starfield, players will need the best weapons to survive those tough space fights.

Each Starfield ship should have a minimum of three weapons, but deciding which ones to apply can be tough.

If you are wondering which weapons to put on your space vessel to take down spacers, pirates, or even the United Colonies, you are in the right place. Let’s dive in and discuss the best weapons for your ship!

Best Ship Weapons in Starfield

The best ship weapon in Starfield is the Particle Beam due to its ability to deal equal damage to both Shield and Hull on enemy ships.

However, we found combining Ballistic Weapons, Lasers, and Missiles to be an optimal setup that balances damage toward all parts of other ships.

Here are the ship weapon types in Starfield and what they are good and bad at:

WeaponStrengths & Weakness
LasersHigh damage against Shield but lower damage against Hull.
BallisticHigh damage against Hull but lower damage against Shield.
Particle BeamsDeals equal damage to both Hulls and Shield
MissilesHigh damage against both Hull and Shield but slow recharge speed.
Starfield ship firing at rocks

Best Ship Weapon Parts in Starfield

If you are attempting to build a powerful ship in Starfield, here are the best weapon parts. It is worth noting that finding these weapon parts can be random as different ship vendors will have separate stock available.

Some of these weapons may also require you to have a high rank in the Starship Design skill before you can view them in the vendor’s inventory:

Prices may vary per player as they may have unlocked the Commerce Skill. The prices listed are the cost without this skill.


  • Ship Part: Blaze 2GW SX Laser
  • Cost: 8621 credits
  • Starship Design Rank: N/A
StatStat Points
Damage to Hull13
Damage to Shield43
Reactor ClassC
Fire Rate6

Ballistic Weapons

  • Ship Part: MKE-9 Gauss Gun
  • Cost: 20140 credits
  • Starship Design Rank: 2
StatStat Points
Damage to Hull62
Damage to Shield19
Reactor ClassC
Fire Rate8

Particle Beams

  • Ship Part: Disruptor 3340 Alpha Beam
  • Cost: 7528 credits
  • Starship Design Rank: N/A
StatStat Points
Damage to Hull38
Damage to Shield38
Reactor ClassC
Fire Rate7
 Disruptor 3340 Alpha Beam best particle beam Starfield


  • Ship Part: Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher
  • Cost: 45125 credits
  • Starship Design Rank: 3
  • Manufacturer: Light Scythe
StatStat Points
Damage to Hull264
Damage to Shield264
Reactor ClassC
Fire Rate6
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