Having a good shield generator is sure to help you survive longer in those tough and challenging space battles, and here is the best one to have in Starfield.

When creating the perfect ship, players want the best parts in each compartment of their build. Shield generators are an important area of your creation, and knowing the best one can be tricky.

If you are wondering which shield generator to go with, look no further as we dive into the best one to buy in Starfield.

Best Overall Shield Generator in Starfield

The SG-1800 Shield Generator is the best Starfield has to offer in this ship part category. This ship part has the highest max shield health in the game, with 1600 and a regen rate of 5%.

However, acquiring it will require players to have Starship Design Rank 4 and a Class C ship.

This shield generator’s high health will allow you to take a ton of damage before your ship starts to weaken. It can be purchased from most Ship Service Technicians across the game once you reach Starship Design Rank 4.

To access Class C ships, you will need to upgrade your Piloting skill. Check out our guide on the quickest way to level up the piloting skill.

Additionally, to get Starship Design Rank 4, you must use your skill points to unlock this skill. Each rank will require a further skill point and for players to purchase unique ship modules.

  • Rank 1: Skill Point
  • Rank 2: Install 5 unique ship modules + Skill Point
  • Rank 3: Install 15 unique ship modules + Skill Point
  • Rank 4: Install 30 unique ship modules + Skill Point
Assurance SG-1800 Shield Generator best in Starfield

Best Shield Generator For Early Game in Starfield

The Deflector SG-30 Shield Generator is the best early game ship part for this category. This shield generator provides 440 max shield health with a fast regen rate of 10%.

This ship part does not require players to have Starship Design and can be applied to any ship class. It is accessible right from the start of the game.

Players will be able to purchase one from most Ship Service Technicians across the Starfield universe.

starfield best shield generator early game

Best Shield Generator Without Starship Design Skill

The Vanguard Bulwark Shield Generator is the next best option if you do not have any Starship Design levels. This ship part has a 1450 max shield health and a 6% regen rate.

This generator can only be applied to Class B & C ships. However, it can be used without upgrading the Starship Design skill.

While weaker, it has a slightly higher regen rate, making it an excellent option for ship building.

Additionally, if you have skill points put into the Shield Systems skill, your shield generators can tank even more damage.

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