If you’re tired of having Contraband confiscated by the authorities in Starfield, here’s where to sell it without getting your ship scanned!

If you’re having fun as a space pirate in Starfield, chances are you’ve amassed quite the booty – and some of it is likely marked as Contraband.

Contraband items can’t be taken into most major systems, and occasionally you’ll find your ship being scanned to check that it’s free from illegal material. If you’re found with any, you’ll have to pay a fine or incur the wrath of the system’s security.

But there’s one place in Starfield where you can sell that Contraband easily without being scanned.

How to Sell Contraband Without Being Scanned in Starfield

To sell Starfield Contraband without being scanned, you must head to the Trade Authority found in The Den, in the Wolf Star System.

The Den is a UC Vanguard-controlled space station out in a minor system. It therefore does not have the resources to scan incoming ships, meaning you can freely take Contraband here without a care in the world.

Trade Authority on The Den, Wolf System

You’ll find the Trade Authority on the left-hand side of the space station. It’s a small, unassuming stand but one that will be more than happy to take your Contraband.

And you won’t have to travel far to reach The Den, even in early game. The Wolf system is only one jump away from the Alpha Centauri system where New Atlantis (& Constellation HQ) are located.

Bear in mind that even the Trade Authority won’t have infinite credits for you to cash in your stolen goods.

How to Get to the Wolf System in Starfield

However, their cash pool should reset every day or two, so simply return to your ship and sleep to restore their coffers.

Why Is the Den the Best Place to Sell Contraband in Starfield?

The Den, in the Wolf star system, is the best place to sell your Contraband because you can access it without getting scanned by authorities.

Where to Find the Den in Starfield

What’s more, it’s close to Alpha Centauri, making it a convenient location to visit in a pinch.

However, after learning how to smuggle Contraband in Starfield, you’ll be able to enter even guarded systems without scanning ruining your day.

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