Players have discovered that the Bessel III-b moon is one of the best places to farm for resources and build an outpost in Starfield.

The moon is abundant in a variety of valuable resources required for building structures and crafting powerful weapons and spacesuit modifications.

Below, we go over how to get to this moon that’s full of useful materials, as well as the best location to build an Outpost.

Player waving at camera standing next to Outpost Beacon and storage containers at Outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield

How to Get to Bessel III-b in Starfield

To get to Bessel III-b in Starfield, you must travel to the Bessel system and land on the planet Bessel’s third moon, Bessel III-b.

Here is a plotted course from Alpha Centauri to the Bessel system in the Starmap:


Bessel III is the third closest planet to the system’s star. Bessel III-b is the second moon to the Bessel III planet:

Highlighting Bessel III-b in the starmap in Starfield

Why is Bessel III-b the Best Outpost Location?

Bessel III-b is the best Outpost location in Starfield because it allows you to farm for Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel all in one convenient location.

These are useful resources that you will often need in building and crafting. You can extract all four resources at one Outpost.

Here are all the resources you can extract on Bessel III-b in Starfield:

  • Helium-3 (HE-3)
  • Aluminum (Al)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Cobalt (Co)
  • Platinum (Pt)
  • Neon (Ne)
Player standing on Solar Array at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield

Being able to extract Aluminium, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel in one place is a very efficient way of getting some important resources to build and craft in Starfield!

Starfield Bessel III-b: How to Build An Outpost to Extract Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel

To be able to extract Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel at once on Bessel III-b, you need to land at an area where the moon’s three biomes meet.

You are only able to extract all four of these resources at the point where the Mountains, Rocky Desert, and Hills biomes intersect.

Once you have found the desired location on Bessel III-b, you can then build a series of Extractors and Storage Containers and start collecting!

Wide view of best resource outpost location near dark mountain peak on Bessel III-b in Starfield

Follow these steps to build an Outpost for resources on Bessel III-b in Starfield:

  1. In the Starmap, scan the Bessel III-b moon using LB on Xbox and R on PC
Highlighting scan function for Bessel III-b in the starmap in Starfield
  1. While scanning, rotate the planet until you come across this area with a patch of Iron that has this shape:
Highlighting patch of iron to demonstrate location near ideal outpost location on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Zoom in and look for a line that signifies a Mountain range
  2. Place your marker just near the end of this line – slightly above the end
Highlighting Mountain range 'line' to show the best outpost location on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Save your game before landing
    • This is to ensure a quick reset if you didn’t quite get the right spot
  2. Once you find the right spot, press A on Xbox and E on PC to land in that location
    • The biome should be Mountains
Highlighting Mountains biome information on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. After landing, you should be on a raised hill area with a dark mountain peak in front of you, next to a large flat plain
Player landed on Bessel III-b Moon standing in front of dark mountain peak in Starfield
  1. Head to the base of the large dark mountain peak
    • This is where the split between the three biomes is located
  2. Activate your scanner by pressing LB on Xbox and F on PC and then press X on Xbox and R on PC while in the scanner menu to pull out an Outpost Beacon
    • This is so you can keep track of the Available Resources information in the top left of the screen:
Highlighting Iron and Water available resources on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Move the Beacon around on the surface until you come across a single location that has Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel deposits available
    • This is signified in the Available Resources in the top left
    • Select the area where you would like to place your Outpost Beacon and place it
Highlighting Iron, Nickel, Aluminium and Cobalt available resources on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Change to an overhead perspective by toggling your view – press the View Button on Xbox and V or Mouse3 on PC
    • It is far easier to see the specific resource nodes in this view
  2. In the Outpost building menu, head to the Extractors tab
    • Select Aluminum Extractor
    • To build the Aluminum Extractor, you will need:
      • Tungsten – 2
      • Iron – 5
      • Aluminum – 4
Selecting Aluminium Extractor at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Place the Aluminum Extractor on an Aluminum node
  2. Provide a power source nearby
  3. Head to the Power tab and select the Solar Array
    • To build a Solar Array, you will need:
      • Aluminum – 4
      • Copper – 3
      • Beryllium – 2
Selecting Solar Arrays at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. You will need to build two Solar Arrays to power the Aluminum Extractor
  2. Repeat the above process to build and power the remaining Extractors for Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel
    • Each Extractor requires that you have:
      • Tungsten – 2
      • Iron – 5
      • Aluminum – 4
    • Place each Extractor on its corresponding resource node – the more extractors you build the more resources you can yield!
    • Also, note that each extractor will need at least two solar arrays to power it!
  3. Build at least four storage containers – one for each resource
    • Head to the Storage tab and select Storage – Solid Box
    • To build a single storage container, you will need:
      • Aluminum – 5
      • Iron – 6
      • Adaptive Frame – 3
    • If you can, build multiple storage containers for each resource so you can store as many resources as possible
Selecting solid storage containers at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Enter Modify Mode
    • Press B on Xbox and TAB on PC
  2. Connect your Extractors to your storage boxes
    • Put your cursor over each Extractor you have built and press the Create Output Link button
      • It is RT on Xbox and Right Click on PC
Selecting Create Output Link option at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Drag the red link to the storage container and create the Output Link
    • Press A on Xbox and E on PC to create the Output Link
      • Make sure the node is connected to the storage box
Creating output link from Extractor to Storage container at outpost on Bessel III-b in Starfield
  1. Head to the bed in your ship and sleep for a few hours
    • This will fill up your storage boxes with Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel!
Collecting Iron from Outpost Storage Container in Starfield

For some more clarity on how to find the perfect landing spot on Bessel III-b to build the Outpost, here’s a video from Brahmiluff showing you how to find it on YouTube:

Now you have a self-sustaining outpost with easy access to some of the most important resources in Starfield!

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