When you reach the end of the Alternating Currents quest in Starfield, you are presented with an interesting choice.

Starfield offers you a myriad of different ways to approach its quests. Alternating Currents is likely one of the first times you will have to make a choice in the game, as you can stumble upon it early in New Atlantis.

After confronting Zoe at the Trade Authority with Louisa, you are tasked with getting to the bottom of the power outages in The Wells area of New Atlantis. After activating the junction boxes you will find the source of the issue and gather the evidence.

You can either hand over the evidence to Louisa or Zoe. But who should you choose?

Starfield Alternating Currents Choice Louisa Reyez

Starfield Alternating Currents – Should You Choose Louisa or Zoe?

You are free to choose either Louisa or Zoe, as it doesn’t really make a difference who you give the evidence to. The decision results in a few unique bits of dialogue but doesn’t impact the story or gameplay in any way.

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Choosing to give evidence to either Louisa or Zoe in the Starfield Alternating Currents quest

Whoever you choose, the rewards are the same:

  • 2,000 credits
  • 75 XP

If you choose Louisa, she says that she appreciates that you didn’t hand over the evidence to the Trade Authority.

Giving evidence to Louisa in the Starfield Alternating Currents quest

If you choose Zoe, she mentions that she will tell MAST “just as much as they need”. This implies she had a hand in causing the power outages in The Wells.

She also says that “the Trade Authority will not forget what you’ve done for us”.

Starfield Alternating Currents Choice Choosing Zoe
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Whoever you choose, you can still purchase goods from Zoe at the Trade Authority. She also takes part in some other side quests in Starfield, but they are unaffected by this choice.

Starfield Alternating Currents – Should You Choose 45A or 47B?

You can choose to activate either junction box 45A or 47B during the Alternating Currents quest in Starfield. Both will lead to exactly the same outcome, with slightly different dialogue.

When searching for the junction boxes during the Alternative Currents quest, you are presented with a choice – listen to Louisa and activate junction box 45A, or side with Zoe and go for junction box 47B.

Starfield Alternating Currents second junction box
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Louisa says the next junction box is 45A after reading the diagrams, but Zoe rudely disagrees and says it is 47B and is on the same level as the last one.

Choosing either will work and lead you to the next part of the quest, but you’ll get different dialogue outcomes depending on your choice.

Going for junction box 47A results in a comment from Louisa about how she can read the diagrams better, as it’s her job.

Choosing junction box 47B results in Zoe saying that she appreciates that you have “listened to reason”.

Either choice will lead to the same outcome, and direct you to the final junction box.

Player standing outside the Trading Authority entrance in The Wells in New Atlantis in Starfield

Despite not having any major outcomes, the Alternating Currents quest is one of the first encounters you’ll come across that offers you a choice in Starfield. It’s a nice little introduction to the mechanic and prepares you for the bigger decisions later in the game!

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