Starfield has an Easter Egg themed around the classic sci-fi horror movie Alien – but you’ll need to work your way through the abandoned spaceship The Colander to find it!

With over a thousand planets and the expense of space to explore in Starfield, there are bound to be plenty of secrets to find across the galaxy. However, one of the most exciting we have found is The Colander.

This is an abandoned spaceship, littered with the bodies of crew members. If that wasn’t scary enough, the creature that was responsible for killing the crew still lurks within the ship!

The Colander Starfield

Here’s where you can find this Alien-inspired Easter Egg in Starfield, as well as how you can battle the creature and even pick up a huge contraband stash in The Colander!

The Colander Location in Starfield

The Colander is located orbiting the planet of Schrodinger III in the Schrodinger system. This star system is near Kryx, where you will find the base of the Crimson Fleet, The Key.

However, you’ll need a ship that can grav jump at least 20 LY to reach the Schrodinger system.

Starfield Schrodinger Star System Location

You can then dock with and board The Colander to find the Alien Easter Egg in Starfield. Beware though – this isn’t for the faint of heart!

Exploring the Top Floor of The Colander

As soon as you enter The Colander, you’ll see that the lights are off, and there’s a dead body on the floor on your right. Not a very welcoming sight!

On the top floor, you’ll find the Medical Bay and a locked Workshop, in addition to the canteen area and beds. You can unlock the Workshop using the Workshop Key, which is located next to a bed to the right side of the locked door.

Starfield The Colander Workshop Key Location

As the ship is in lockdown, all of the red doors leading downstairs are closed, but you can still get to the next area through a hatch. This hatch is on the floor at the back of the quarters of Dr. Amos S. – in between the Medical Bay and the Bathroom.

From here, you can hop down the hatch and begin to unlock the red doors to access the whole ship.

The Colander Hatch Loaction

How to Unlock the Red Doors in The Colander

To unlock the red doors in The Colander, you must reach the Mainframe terminal and do it remotely.

You can get to the Mainframe terminal by heading through the maintenance passage on the middle floor of The Colander and hopping down another hatch.

  • After hopping down through the hatch into the middle floor of The Colander, follow the corridor along
  • Turn left and head around the corner
  • On your left, you’ll see the entrance to the maintenance passage with some boxes at the back
  • Turn right to walk down the maintenance passage
Starfield The Colander Second Hatch Location
  • Take another right turn, and you’ll find a hatch in the floor
  • Open the hatch to get into the room with the Mainframe terminal
  • Use the Mainframe terminal to open the doors
Starfield The Colander Mainframe

Now that you’ve opened the red doors, you’ll be free to roam throughout the whole of The Colander. This will let you find the creature that has killed all of the crew – the final part of this Alien Easter Egg in Starfield!

Plus, you can head back and find a huge stash of contraband items.

The Colander Contraband Cache Location

There is a huge stash of contraband in The Colander, which you can get to by hopping up on the boxes in the maintenance passage and into a vent.

The stash includes some Va’ruun Heretic Writings and the following contraband in a locked cache:

  • 3 Harvested Organs
  • 6 Xenowarfare Tech
Starfield The Colander Contraband Cache Location

This contraband can be sold for a minimum of 18,000 credits. The best place to sell it is at The Den’s Trade Authority stand in the Wolf system, as they don’t scan your ship!

Where to Find The Creature in The Colander – Alien Easter Egg

To find the creature, the XL-069 Interloper, in The Colander, you need to get access to the Laboratory.

You can do this by unlocking the master level lock with a Digipick on the main door or by going through the large orange door on the top floor after opening it from the Mainframe Terminal.

Laboratory Door The Colander Starfield

Inside the Laboratory, you will find the XL-069 Interloper – the creature that is responsible for killing the ship’s crew as well as a load of disgusting goop covering the walls.

While the creature in The Colander doesn’t resemble the iconic Xenomorph too much, this whole situation is certainly reminiscent of the sci-fi horror classic Alien. Therefore, this is a Starfield Easter Egg that any Alien fan would appreciate!

Starfield XL-069 Interloper Alien Easter Egg

How to Beat the XL-069 Interloper in Starfield

The easiest way to beat the XL-069 Interloper in Starfield is to stand outside of the Laboratory, take cover behind the wall with a large window, and hop out to shoot it.

As the XL-069 Interloper is level 85, it will take quite a while and plenty of ammo to kill.

Starfield Killing The XL-069 Interloper

If it is too tough to beat, there’s no harm in running away – you won’t be missing out on much. You only get 135 XP for killing it, and the only loot on its body is a single Nutrient (Tissue).

Starfield XL-069 Interloper Loot

Even if the rewards for working your way through The Colander aren’t great beyond the contraband, it’s certainly worth visiting. Not only is it one of the creepiest Starfield locations, but there’s a great Easter Egg to be found!

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