Starfield is paying tribute to super-fan Alex Hay who passed away shortly before the release of the game he really wanted to play.

The wait for Starfield was unbearable, but for some gamers that wait is all they got to experience. Alex Hay was one such fan, who never got to take that journey into the stars.

Now, Starfield players are discovering a tribute to the late Bethesda fan in-game, ensuring that he’s forever memorialized in the space exploration RPG.

Tribute to Alex Hay Found in Starfield

When visiting ‘The Eye’ in Starfield, players can find a note from Alex Hay waiting for them on a table down the walkway to the right-hand side of the entrance.

Alex Hay's Note in Starfield

The note reads:

“To all my friends and fellow explorers.

I’m always with you, out there in the starfield.

Love always.

Alex Hay.”

It’s an incredibly touching tribute to the late gamer, who passed away from cancer just 5 months before Starfield’s release.

Alex Hay's Note in Starfield
Credit: HunterWorld

The fan was gutted by the title’s delay, which took Starfield’s release date from November 11, 2022 to September 6, 2023, and put it just out of his reach.

Who Is Alex Hay in Starfield?

Alex Hay was a Starfield fan who never got to play the game, due to tragically passing away as a result of his battle with cancer.

The gamer posted to the Starfield subreddit shortly after the release date was announced, informing users that he would likely never get to play it.

As it turned out, the Starfield superfan was correct in his assumption and, not long after the post went live, reports confirmed that Alex Hay had passed away.

Hay’s post is currently the 9th most upvoted post of all time on the Starfield subreddit, and his story inspired fans to get the hashtag #AlexInStarfield trending.

And while it’s unlikely that Bethesda was able to reach out and give him even temporary access to the game, the developer was at least able to memorialize Alex Hay forever among the stars.

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