Bethesda’s most iconic NPC, the Adoring Fan, returns ready to shower you with compliments and gifts in the highly anticipated Starfield.

This character was etched into the hearts of long-time Bethesda fans, whether they loved him or hated him, since his first appearance in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion back in 2006.

With unwavering devotion, this endearing companion would faithfully trail behind players, offering endless support and relentless commentary. Now, he is back, promising just as many kind comments.

However, if you are unfamiliar with this character, we have you covered with everything you need to know about the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

What Is the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

The Adoring Fan in Starfield is an NPC that will follow you all around space, popping up at unexpected moments and providing you with compliments and gifts.

While this relentless adoration may become annoying, the gifting could make the abundance of complimenting all the worthwhile.

Furthermore, it has been verified that Craig Sechler, the voice artist who portrayed the Adoring Fan in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, has reprised his role for this NPC.

As a result, players who were unable to encounter the original Adoring Fan will now have the opportunity to enjoy a similar experience but this time in a zero-gravity environment.

Adoring Fan in Elder Scrolls IV (Left) / Adoring Fan in Starfield (Right)

How to Get the Adoring Fan in Starfield

To get the Adoring Fan in Starfield, players must select the “Hero’s Worshipped” trait while in character creation.

If the concept of a devoted fan following you from planet to planet is unappealing, fortunately, Starfield’s traits are entirely optional. Simply do not select the “Hero’s Worshipped” trait to avoid having the Adoring Fan show up.

Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait

Where to Find the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

Once you have selected the “Hero’s Worshipped” trait, finding the Adoring Fan will rely on luck as he will appear unexpectedly throughout your journey as a member of your ship’s crew. This NPC has no set location and can appear anywhere on the game’s vast space landscape.

At the moment, it is unclear on if you must reach a certain feat before he makes his appearance.

In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this NPC appeared only after the player became a Grand Champion of the Arena. Perhaps, gamers will need to achieve something similar in Starfield.

Adoring Fans Skills in Starfield

The Adoring Fan will come with three skills that players can use while he is on their crew:

  • Scavenging (Social)
    • Will likely relate to looting, perhaps increasing the number of items you find or the rarity of the valuable loot you discover on each planet.
  • Concealment (Physical)
    • May allow you to better hide from enemies, ensuring you escape or move unseen across the galaxy.
  • Weightlifting (Physical)
    • Could involve the number of items you can carry at once, potentially increasing this amount.

These skills effects have not been revealed at the moment, but based on the names, we can speculate on what they could provide.

Starfield Adoring Fans Skills

Can You Get Rid of the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

Yes, based on the Starfield Direct, it appears that you will be able to kill the Adoring Fan. However, by doing so, you will lose the “Hero Worshipped” trait.

Lead animator for Starfield, Rick Vicens, hinted at this possibility saying: “If you want to remove a trait, there are ways of doing that too”. The video cuts to the Adoring Fan on a cliff edge with the player aiming their weapon at his back.

Killing the Adoring Fan in Starfield

In Elder Scrolls IV, killing the Adoring Fan would only be temporary. He would still respawn and provide you with endless flattering comments once reappearing.

Oblivion players had to go to the lengths of making him wait in a dungeon for three days, where he would eventually permanently despawn.

However, in Starfield, it seems once you kill him, he will no longer be your companion as you embark on an interplanetary journey.

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