Only the most dedicated of space adventurers will set out to Starfield and complete all the objectives on the achievements list due to how much of a difficult journey it is.

Getting all the achievements in an open-world title is never easy, but with Starfield, you’re also faced with various factions that you need to interact with in order to complete everything.

However, this doesn’t mean that getting every achievement has to take you multiple playthroughs. Here is the complete list of Starfield Achievements and the easiest way to get them all.

Complete Starfield Achievement List

Here is the complete list of all 50 achievements that players can obtain in Starfield:

  1. A Legacy Forged – Complete “A Legacy Forged”
  2. All That Money Can Buy – Complete “All That Money Can Buy”
  3. Entangled – Complete “Entangled”
  4. Executive Level – Complete “Executive Level”
  5. Further Into the Unknown – Complete “Further Into the Unknown”
  6. Guilty Parties – Complete “Guilty Parties”
  7. High Price to Pay – Complete “High Price to Pay”
  8. In Their Footsteps – Complete “In Their Footsteps:
  9. Into the Unknown – Complete “Into the Unknown”
  10. Legacy’s End – Complete “Legacy’s End”
  11. One Giant Leap – Complete “One Giant Leap”
  12. Surgical Strike – Complete “Surgical Strike”
  13. The Best There Is – Complete “The Best There Is”
  14. The Devils You Know – Complete “The Devils You Know”
  15. The Hammer Falls – Complete “The Hammer Falls”
  16. Unearthed – Complete “Unearthed”
  17. Dust Off – Reach Level 5
  18. Traveler – Reach Level 10
  19. Elite – Reach Level 25
  20. Space Opera – Reach Level 50
  21. Reach for the Stars – Reach Level 100
  22. Back to the Grind – Join Ryujin Industries
  23. Deputized – Join the Freestar Rangers
  24. One Small Step – Join Constellation
  25. Rook Meets King – Join the Crimson Fleet
  26. Supra et Ultra – Join the UC Vanguard
  27. For All, Into the Starfield – Enter Space for the First Time
  28. Home Sweet Home – Build an Outpost
  29. Shipping Magnate – Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
  30. I Use Them For Smuggling – Successfully Smuggle Contraband
  31. Chief Engineer – Modify a Ship
  32. Fleet Commander – Collect 10 Ships
  33. Another Bug Hunt – Eliminate 300 Creatures
  34. Boots on the Ground – Land on 100 Planets
  35. The Stars My Destination – Visit all Star Systems
  36. Stellar Cartography – Visit 20 Star Systems
  37. Cyber Jockey – Bypass 50 Digital Locks
  38. Dark Matter – Eliminate 300 Human Enemies
  39. Fixer – Complete 30 Activities
  40. Privateer – Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions
  41. Industrialist – Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts
  42. Jacked In – Access 50 Computers
  43. Life Begate Life – Gather 500 Organic Resources
  44. Replicator – Craft 100 Items
  45. Rock Collection – Gather 500 Inorganic Resources
  46. Soldier of Fortune – Mod 50 Weapons
  47. Thirst for Knowledge – Read 20 Skill Magazines
  48. War of Angels – Collect 20 Quantum Essence
  49. The Family You Choose – Recruit 10 Separate Companions
  50. Starcrossed – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

Can You Get All Starfield Achievements in One Playthrough

It is possible to get all the Starfield Achievements in one playthrough since there aren’t any missable trophies. However, if you finish the main story, it will put you in a New Game Plus immediately.

This is why we suggest stopping when you reach the main story quest, “One Giant Leap.” After you reach this point in the story, we suggest ensuring you’ve obtained every achievement except any level-related one.

Your level and perks will transfer over to New Game Plus, and it could actually make it easier to reach Level 100 to obtain the “Reach for the Stars” achievement. It does reset all your side quest progression, outposts, exploration progress, and even relationships.

How to Get All Starfield Achievements Guide

Here is the best strategy to help you get all the Starfield Achievements:

  1. Go through the main story quest while building your relationship with one of the main companions. One of the most difficult trophies to obtain is the “Starcrossed” trophy since it requires you to reach a Maximum Relationship Level with someone. This takes time, and if you make the wrong choices, you could potentially burn the relationship after hours of engagement. This is why it’s important to save often.
  2. Do not complete the main story quest “One Giant Leap” until you’ve obtained every achievement but any that require you to level up your character. After you complete this quest, you will automatically enter New Game Plus. This will reset everything but your perks and level.
  3. Join all Four Factions, and complete their storylines. This will allow you to explore the galaxy and progress through various other achievements as well, including:
    • Boots on the Ground – Land on 100 Planets.
    • Privateer – Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions (Faction missions will count toward this total).
    • Fixer – Complete 30 Activities.
  4. Unlock any necessary skills that you will need in order to complete certain achievements, including:
    • Security (Tech) Skill to complete “Cyber Jockey” and Break 50 Digital Locks.
Security Perk Starfield
  1. Keep an eye out for objects you need to interact with while completing missions, including:
    • Computers to complete “Jacked In” by accessing 50 computers.
    • Iron, Nickel, Sealant, and other crafting materials in order to complete “Replicator” by crafting 100 items and “Soldier of Fortune” by modding 50 weapons.
    • Credits so that you have enough money to purchase ships to complete “Fleet Commander” to collect ten ships.
    • A ship that has at least 28LY Jump Distance in order to reach all Star Systems and obtain “The Stars My Destination” achievement.
  2. After you have all of the achievements except for any requiring you to level up your character, you can consider starting a New Game Plus and finishing the Starfield story. This will transfer your level to your new playthrough and allow you to farm XP more quickly.

None of the Starfield achievements are too difficult, and it’s hard to miss any unless you’re in a rush to complete the main story. We suggest taking your time to explore the different planets with your companions.

This will lead you to complete most of the objectives in the Starfield achievements list without too much effort.