Players must make a difficult choice during the UC Vanguard faction quest A Legacy Forged in Starfield, deciding whether to contain the Terrormorphs with Aceles or Microbes.

In A Legacy Forged, players are asked by Abello from the UC Council what way they suggest getting rid of the Terrormorphs, giant dinosaur-like creatures spreading across the galaxy wreaking havoc.

The player is given two options:

  • Deploying the Aceles is the safest route. That’s my vote.
  • Terrormorphs have caused enough damage. They need to be wiped out quickly with the microbe.

Below, we explain the consequences of picking either Microbe or Aceles in Starfield and which one you should choose.

Should You Choose Aceles or Microbe in Starfield?

If you are roleplaying as a good character, then you should pick breeding the Aceles to get rid of the Terrormorphs during the A Legacy Forged UC Vanguard mission.

If you want to make the bad choice, then pick using the Microbes to get rid of the Terrormorphs.

Regardless of which you choose, the mission outcome is the same. You will receive the same rewards, Credits and a free house, no matter your choice, and will be promoted to a Class 1 Citizen by the UC Council.

Abello asking players whether to use the Aceles or Microbes in Starfield

Aceles are the Terrormorphs natural predators that will only hunt their prey. Breeding them may be more costly and time-consuming for the UC, but it’s ultimately safer and morally correct.

On the other hand, the Microbes are an indiscriminate biological weapon that will infect the Terrormorphs and all surrounding wildlife and civilizations, destroying everything in their path. It’s cheaper to produce but morally wrong.

It’s worth noting that while the main story and even the UC Vanguard questline aren’t affected by your choice, your companions may react more negatively if you pick the Microbes due to their more dangerous outcome.

However, Sarah Morgan will like it if you choose to use Microbes to contain the Terrormorph threat rather than breeding the Aceles.

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