In the Starfield mission ‘A High Price to Pay,’ it’s actually possible to save everyone from dying, but you won’t be able to do it straight away.

One of the biggest turning points in Starfield’s Main Quest is its mission ‘A High Price to Pay.’ In this mission, players must choose between defending the Lodge or going to the Eye – and both have disastrous consequences.

Thankfully, there is a way to protect all of Constellation and prevent anyone from dying in the mission.

Starfield: Can You Save Everyone in A High Price to Pay?

Yes, you can save everyone and prevent any character deaths in the mission A High Price to Pay in Starfield, however, you will need to be in New Game+ to accomplish this.

In your first playthrough, someone will always die from the following list of Constellation members:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam
  • Sarah

Thankfully, there is at least a way to manipulate things to decide who that is.

  • By choosing to defend The Lodge, the character with the highest affinity towards you will die.
  • By choosing to go to The Eye, the character with the second highest affinity towards you will die.
Barrett Death in Starfield

If you’ve got a budding romance on the way and don’t want your romantic partner to die, chances are going to The Eye would be your best bet.

Next up, we’re going to get into how to save EVERY member of Constellation in A High Price to Pay. However, you’ll need to have finished Starfield’s Main Quest already to do so.

Major Spoilers Ahead for Starfield's Main Quest! Do not read on if you're not done with the game's story.

How to Save Everyone in Starfield ‘A High Price to Pay’

To save everyone in A High Price to Pay, you must have completed Starfield’s Main Quest and entered the Unity, starting a New Game+.

You can only save everyone in your second playthrough, by following these steps:

  • When returning to Constellation, you must choose [Repeat Main Quest] in your dialogue with Sarah Morgan.
Starfield Skip or Repeat Main Quest Sarah Morgan
  • Then, play through the game’s missions again until you finish the mission ‘Further Into The Unknown’
  • Talk to Vladimir and choose the new [Starborn] dialogue option to warn him to move the Artifacts.
Warning Vladimir in Starfield New Game+
Credit: GameSpot
  • This will allow you to skip A High Price to Pay, instead unlocking the mission ‘Foreknowledge’ which is exclusive to New Game+.
  • You will now build the Armillary early, foiling The Hunter’s plan to attack the Lodge. Therefore, all Constellation members will survive – at least in this universe!

However, not everyone is so lucky. When The Hunter congratulates you on your clever move they reveal that they’ve killed everyone aboard The Scow instead of your friends.

For those who need a reminder, this is the ship where you stole an Artifact from Captain Petrov in ‘No Sudden Moves’. We’d say nothing of value was lost but there were a lot of people on that ship, even if we barely knew them.

Captain Petrov in Starfield
Captain Petrov and his crew pay the price for your knowledge of future events

This won’t be the only time your new [Starborn] dialogue comes in handy in New Game+. In fact, it often allows you to skip Persuasion checks or combat encounters throughout the story.

However, this is the only time you can use it so effectively and is the best reason to repeat the Starfield Main Quest rather than skipping it.

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