During Xbox’s day 1 livestream at Gamescom, Bethesda veteran Pete Hines had a lot to say about the length of Starfield. His current playthrough of the game is apparently over 160 hours, with no end in sight.

In addition to how long Starfield is, Hines also talks about many other aspects, including his best advice on how to play it.

The player in a space suit looking at distant mountains and a planet in Starfield

How Long Is Starfield?

Bethesda’s head of publishing, Pete Hines, has already put in around 160 hours into Starfield. There is still plenty left to see and do.

Hines alluded to the game’s gargantuan length when discussing Starfield during a livestream at Gamescom at Xbox’s booth.

He mentioned that “there really isn’t an amount of time to ‘get’ what this game is.”

When discussing his own playthrough, Hines says he is at around 160 hours. He hasn’t “even come close” to seeing everything Starfield has to offer. There’s a lot of content he “intentionally has not done”, teasing even more content for players.

The player standing next to their ship in Starfield

He really hammered home how much content is in Starfield, stating how “no matter how you want to play, there is so much for you to do in this game.”

160 hours is such a large number, it’s almost hard to believe. Though, the portion of the livestream is called “Starfield – Facts with Pete Hines”, so it HAS to be true!

Check out this moment in the livestream below:

Pete Hines Empahisizes Player Freedom and Choice in Starfield

During the interview, Pete Hines went on to emphasize how important it was for players to pick and choose how they want to play Starfield.

“We encourage you to play this like any Bethesda Games Studios Game”, said Hines, “which is to do what you want, go where you want, test the game, and be the kind of player you want to be in this world and see what happens”.

Starfield Pete Hines Gamescom Interview

His one piece of advice for Starfield players is to “not ignore your activities”. He encouraged players to pull on as many threads as possible. Some of the content that seems “throwaway” can lead to some of the most interesting encounters.

He said, “there is some amazing stuff in there that doesn’t even feel like a real quest, but will take you to some amazing places and some amazing stories.”

With Starfield’s release just around the corner for all on September 6, it won’t be long until players get to take part in some of these stories for themselves.

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