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There’s Now a Starbucks PS5 Concept Console Design

A Starbucks PS5 console design has appeared online, showing one of the consoles decked out in the coffee giant’s colors and imagery.

The video shows a PS5 console design in the style of a Starbucks concept. The DualSense controller is also decked out in Starbucks logos, featuring the iconic dark green we associate with the coffee brand.

The Starbucks PS5 is a fully functioning console, capable of anything any other PS5 would be. But it also boasts a killer feature, one we wish our PS5 could do.

This console is also a working Starbucks coffee dispenser. Yes, the Starbucks PS5 is capable of working as one player’s own personal Starbucks.

At first, we thought a games console that could also dispense hot liquid sounded rather dangerous. But upon seeing the video that’s been doing the rounds online, we now understand how the Starbucks PS5 works.

And we want one.

The Starbucks PS5 Isn’t an Official Design

Sadly, our dreams of owning a PS5 that also makes a premium caramel macchiato will go unfulfilled. The Starbucks PS5 is simply a fan-made concept – but an awesome one.

However, it is an incredible feat or creativity, as are many of the other fan-made PS5 designs we’ve seen in recent months. We’re looking forward to seeing what else the community comes up with.

This is especially intriguing due to the PS5’s removable faceplates; in theory, our PS5s could be decorated in infinite ways. However, this will likely only happen when Sony create official designs, or sanction legitimate third parties to do it for them.

So far, Sony has clamped down on any company that attempts to sell custom PS5 faceplates. Even the recent (and stunning) PS2 PS5 concepts never came to pass.

For now, we’ll have to take our coffee to go, without it being attached to a PS5. Although nothing is stopping us from enjoying a coffee while we play PS5.

Could you imagine if a KFC PS5 distributed popcorn chicken like the KFC Gaming PC?


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