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How to Fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Slow Unpacking on Steam

Patience you must have, to be a Steam pre-loader.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is finally here but PC players are noticing that the game takes forever when it comes to unpacking.

The game, which was recently made available for pre-load, doesn’t appear to have saved users any time, with its 150 GB install size causing issues when it comes to unpacking.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Slow Unpacking Issue

Those who have pre-loaded Star Wars Jedi: Survivor were expecting their launch day process to be a smooth one. Unfortunately, Jedi: Survivor appears to be taking just as long to unpack as it did to install for some users.

The game’s massive file size appears to be causing issues with unpacking, and many players on the Fallen Order subreddit are reporting lengthy waits just to play.

Some users regret even pre-loading the game, as their internet speed would allow them to download the new Star Wars title faster than it’s unpacking.

Here’s a breakdown of what exactly unpacking means, and how to speed up the process for Jedi: Survivor!

What Is Unpacking on Steam?

Unpacking is the process of decrypting an encrypted version of a downloaded game on Steam. When a user pre-loads a new release, they are given an encrypted version to ensure that the title is inaccessible until launch time rolls around.

Once it’s time to play, Steam must then unpack the encrypted file, turning it into a playable state. This does not require any further downloading, but it may still take a while depending on the size of the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor main character

And with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor clocking in at a staggering 150 GB, it seems the game takes quite the effort to unpack.

How to Speed Up Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Unpacking

If you’ve pre-loaded Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and it’s taking too long to unpack, here are a few things that might speed up the process:

  • Make sure there’s enough space on your hard drive
    • Unpacking can use more space than the file usually requires. You’ll need more space than just the initial 150GB free on your hard drive if you’re unpacking a pre-load.
  • Pause and resume the unpacking process
    • If you’re making no headway, it could be worth pausing the unpacking process, waiting a few seconds, and then resuming to see if that speeds things up. Restarting Steam is also a potential option that could help to process.
  • Close other unnecessary processes on your PC
    • Make sure your machine has the resources to unpack without being slowed by outside processes.
  • Set Steam priority to high
    • Open Task Manager, and in the Details tab right click on Steam. Then, choose Set Priority and make it High.
  • Turn Disk Write Caching Off
    • Press Windows+X, then choose Device Manager. Expand the Disk Drives drop-down, then right click on the drive you’re using. Click Properties, choose the Policies tab, and uncheck the Enable Write Caching on the Disk box. Click OK.

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