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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, Battlefront 3 Leaks Suggest Announcement Is Coming Soon

A series of leaks have implied we could see the announcements of a series of Star Wars games very soon.

While it was once thought that EA's exclusivity deal with Lucasfilm's Star Wars property had come to an end, it looks like the company isn't done with the series yet.

It's a very exciting time to be a fan of Star Wars games, as a new open-world game in the Star Wars universe has been announced too.

LucasFilm Games has finally returned and has ended the deal of exclusivity with EA. It thankfully doesn't mean EA's properties can't receive sequels, however. It's something that fans have been wanting ever since the original games have released.

And according to a new leak, it's likely announcements of these games will be coming very soon.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order & Battlefront III Announcement Leaks

An anonymous source has come forward with the details of EA's progress making their Star Wars offerings.

The source suggests that a third Battlefront game "is currently in very, very early development", and that developers DICE are trying to "'re-invent' the Battlefront franchise".

Star Wars Battlefront II Leak
Star Wars: Battlefront II

This is vague, but what could a re-invention of Battlefront look like? Another original story, with new characters and never-before-seen planets to explore?

The leak tells fans to "Expect an announcement for the third battlefront in the first half of the year. It'll be a logo reveal. No gameplay". Even without a gameplay reveal, this is exciting news for the franchise, and any new Star Wars content is welcome in the gaming department.

The leak also makes mention of one of Respawn's best single-player experiences, Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order, and its long-awaited sequel.

"Fallen Order 2 is farther into development than you'd think", states the source on Reddit. "Respawn's been working on the title since before the release of Fallen Order".

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Leak
Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order

This is exciting news, as we can assume that the story will pick up where the first game left off. And with such an open-ended conclusion, the sequel could easily head in any direction.

"An announcement for Fallen Order 2 will happen this year. Second half of the year is most likely", the source writes in their post.

It makes sense to spread these EA-produced Star Wars title announcements out across the year, but given the progress of Fallen Order 2, it's fascinating that Battlefront III gets announcement privileges first.

Claims made by anonymous sources on Reddit are often hard to follow, but it helps if they've been right before. Luckily, this one has, predicting the return of another popular Star Wars gaming franchise.

Knights of the Old Republic 3 Reportedly In Development

The long-anticipated return of 2003's Star Wars gaming franchise Knights of the Old Republic looks to finally be upon us.

Multiple sources have confirmed this news, including the reliable Star Wars podcast Bespin Bulletin. They have confirmed that the project is currently going ahead, without EA.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic leak
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The original game was made by BioWare, who was later bought by EA. It's interesting that EA will have no stake in this game, given their ownership of the original producers.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirms that the game is not to be made by EA, and that fans will "never guess" who will be developing it. This seems to imply neither Bioware nor the original game's sequel developer Obsidian will be taking the role of creators on the new game.

Different sources have reported that the game could be a sequel or a full reboot, but either way, it's an incredibly exciting prospect. Brand new Star Wars games in any shape are exciting, and we can't wait to jump back in.

Lucasfilm Games' return couldn't be going better so far. The announcement of a new Indiana Jones game coming soon has excited fans everywhere. But the question bears answering- will Indiana Jones delay other Bethesda games?

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