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Staples Xbox Series X/S In-Store Restock Coming Soon – October 2021

Staples is set to restock their Xbox Series X/S consoles imminently, here’s how to best increase your chances of grabbing one in-store.

Recently, the struggle to get hold of a next-gen console has become an extremely difficult task. Both Xbox Series X/S consoles and PS5’s are still in high demand.

Furthermore, there are even some gamers who are reporting that their PS5 & Xbox Series X orders are being canceled!

Although, for most, next-gen consoles are selling out almost instantly. It’s no surprise then that gamers want to stay ahead of the curve and grab one before everyone else.

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When Was the Xbox Series XS Last In-Stock - October 2021
(Source: Microsoft)

Well, now you might just be in luck. Recently, a reliable source has stated that Staples is restocking Xbox Series X/S consoles.

However, you’ll need to be quick in order to secure an Xbox Series X. Especially considering that some rare Xbox Series X consoles are selling for insane money on eBay.

Staples Xbox Series X/S In-Store Restock

With many gamers looking to grab an Xbox Series X/S online, the best bet to securing a next-gen console is in-store at Staples.

Whilst buying online is always the easiest way to purchase, sometimes shopping in-store can be your best bet.

Although just make sure you avoid queuing with thousands, like some Xbox Series X/S shoppers.

Xbox Series X Sales Shortage
Source: Microsoft

Despite this, there is a selection of retailers out there which might not be everyone’s first port of call. In fact, thanks to a credible source, it appears that Staples is the best retailer for Xbox Series X/S availability.

As of today, @LordOfRestocks on Twitter has confirmed that Staples has officially added new next-gen console stock to their site.

However, there’s a catch. Unfortunately, Xbox Series X/S consoles are already showing as sold out online. Although, you may have better luck with in-store availability.

In fact, we recommend calling to check whether Xbox Series X consoles are available in stores near you.

Therefore, it’s definitely worth checking stores near your location. Just make sure you don’t use this method to pay, or you may run into problems.

In case you aren’t successful, we do have an update on Xbox Series X/S restocks coming in October.

Finally, if you want to know why is there still a shortage of Xbox Series X & PS5’s in 2021, here’s your answer.

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