A new video making the rounds online shows off an exclusive Squidward skin in Fortnite, bringing the SpongeBob character to the Battle Royale at last. But is it real?

Fortnite is the game of a thousand cameos, and Epic Games’ BR title has countless crossovers with popular media and brands.

But as of right now, SpongeBob Squarepants is one crossover we’re yet to see. So what’s the deal with the Squidward skin that is appearing in videos online?

Here’s the answer:

Is There a Squidward Skin in Fortnite?

No, there is not a Squidward Tentacles skin in Fortnite, nor are there any other SpongeBob outfits at this point in time.

The Squidward skin hoax appears to stem from TikTok user Watery Shoe, who appears to be making use of a modded skin in Fortnite.


New squidward skin is so awesome i love it! Come check the live if you wanna see him dominate trios! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #streamer #gaming #fortnite #fortniteclips #fortnitememes

♬ original sound – Watery Shoe

Here’s the video in question, which has the TikTok creator display his ‘exclusive’ Squidward skin. Looking carefully at the outfit reveals the truth, as it certainly doesn’t hold up to Epic Games’ usual standards.

Instead, this appears to be a fan-created mod, which changes the user’s skin to a custom design of their choice. Chances are, enemies don’t see Squidward in-game, instead seeing whatever skin Watery Shoe is actually using.

The user recently revealed a Minecraft Steve Fortnite skin, which caused similar confusion. However, we can assure you that neither cosmetic is currently real – meaning you can’t obtain them for yourself!

Will SpongeBob Come to Fortnite Eventually?

It’s entirely possible that SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and more Nickelodeon characters could arrive in Fortnite one day.

After all, SpongeBob SquarePants has featured in other Epic Games properties, such as Fall Guys.

Spongebob Fall Guys

The brand appears open to collaboration but although Squidward doesn’t look out of place in Fortnite, we imagine that SpongeBob’s wide body might give the user quite the disadvantage in-game.

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