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Splitgate Servers Go Offline Before Official Release of Season 0

It looks as though Splitgate finally has its official release date and the servers are heading offline temporarily before Season 0 begins.

Over the last few weeks, Splitgate has become a global phenomenon. The Halo Meets Portal shooter has proven to be so popular that players were waiting in a queue for an hour just to play Splitgate.

Thanks to recent server upgrades, and an investment of $10 million, Splitgate now has working servers, with queuing for hours being an issue of the past.

What’s more, the development team at 1047 Games confirms that Splitgate is absolutely dedicated to anti-cheat. Seeing as a lot of players are making the jump from Warzone, it’s only natural for fans to be happy to hear such a confident claim.

(Source: 1047 Games)

But ahead of the official Splitgate next-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, we have news about the title’s official release date.

Splitgate Official Release Date

Right now, Splitgate servers are offline for maintenance. And it looks as though Splitgate’s official release date is finally here.

Despite tremendous success, Splitgate fans have only been playing a Beta thus far. But that’s all about to change, with the official release date of Splitgate Season 0 being set for August 25.

Splitgate servers are currently offline, but they’ll be coming back up at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. And when they’re back online, we expect the game may well be out of Beta.

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Splitgate New Map Teases
(Source: 1047 Games)

After all, yesterday was our final chance to complete the Beta Battle Pass. And today, it looks like Season 1 could finally be upon us!

“Tomorrow, the true Splitgate experience begins,” the game’s official Twitter teased late last night.

It looks as though we’ll be getting our official Splitgate Season 0 news at Gamescom. The broadcast takes place at 11 AM PT and it looks like Geoff Keighley will announce the release of Splitgate right before the servers go live again.

Splitgate New Map Teases

Meanwhile, the Splitgate Twitter account also appears to be teasing a new map coming to the popular FPS title. We expect that we’ll see more about the new arena during the announcement later today.

Splitgate New Map
(Source: 1047 Games)

Recently, developers also spoke out about the possibility of a Splitgate Battle Royale mode!

What’s more, it seems that Splitgate is getting a Nintendo Switch and Mobile port sometime in the near future. If the title truly is exiting its Beta, new features are surely just around the corner.

But which guns are best in the Halo Meets Portal FPS? We’ve got the complete Splitgate Guns and Weapons Tier List for August 2021 right here!

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