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Splitgate: How to Get Drops – Earn More Reward Drops

Want to earn more Reward Drops in Splitgate? Here’s everything you can do to make the grind easier!

Splitgate may be only in its Beta, but it’s attracting some incredible attention already. Thousands of players are flooding the game’s servers, to the point where there just isn’t space for everybody.

The game’s small team of developers has just been granted an additional $10 million in funding to get some more servers up and running. But before that happens, here’s how long you’ll have to wait to play Splitgate!

Thankfully, when you are playing the game, it’s a relatively smooth and enjoyable experience. Players can drop into matches, level up their free Beta Battle Pass, and even earn Reward Drops.

Drops can be anything from weapon appearances to the coveted Rainbow Psychedelic skin. But how do you earn more Reward Drops in the game’s limited system right now?

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Splitgate Rainbow Skin Reward Drops
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How to Earn Reward Drops in Splitgate

Hopping into Splitgate and wanting to get your hands on some Reward Drops? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

First of all, Splitgate is relatively generous with its free goodies in the Open Beta. But this is likely only a fraction of the content available to players when the full game launches later this month.

For now, the easiest ways to earn Splitgate reward drops include:

Level Up the Splitgate Battle Pass

In the Splitgate Battle Pass, players are given new Reward Drops at Tier 4, 8, and 12. Simply by grinding out the free Battle Pass, you’ll be unlocking new content in-game.

Weekly Challenges

Occasionally, taking a look at the Splitgate Weekly Challenges is well worth your time, with Reward Drops given out for completing certain tasks. Even Weekly Challenges don’t tend to take long, so complete the requirements for that free drop.

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Splitgate More Reward Drops
(Source: 1047 Games)

Daily Check-In

On Day 4 of the Splitgate Daily Check-In, players can get their hands on a free Reward Drop just for logging in to the game. But that’s not all that will help you in the Daily Check-In…

Level Up

With players earning Reward Drops simply for leveling up every so often, grab the free XP boost for 12 hours at Day 3 to help you grind. Completing challenges and playing matches will have you leveling up in no time, but you won’t get Reward Drops with every level.

Playing each day and playing with friends will also boost your overall XP earnings significantly.

It’s also worth pointing out that you won’t earn Reward Drops after Level 10 via this method – at least until the full game launches.

(Source: 1047 Games)

Splitgate Free Reward Drops

Finally, there’s the matter of free Reward Drops in Splitgate. Recently, to apologize for server issues, the Splitgate team gave all Beta players 5 free Reward Drops to cash in.

Now, this is far from a regular feature, but the game’s servers are still struggling under the strain of rabid fans. We could see more free Reward Drops appearing in the near future.

Recently, Splitgate’s developer gave us an update on the game’s anti-cheat function. This was a much-needed topic of discussion, particularly as many players are coming in from other multiplayer shooters.

Right now, Warzone is unplayable due to cheaters, after all.

What’s more, Call of Duty hackers are even adding new skins to the game.

You won’t have to worry about that with Splitgate, it appears! And if you’re a fan of the Halo aspect of the Halo meets Portal gameplay, make sure you sign up for Halo Infinite’s next, bigger Tech Preview that’s coming soon!

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