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Splitgate: How Long Is the Queue to Get Online?

Splitgate is the latest game to explode in popularity, and fans will have to wait in a long queue just to get online!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new FPS on the market that’s well worth your time. Unfortunately, you will need quite a lot of time just to have the opportunity to play it.

Splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that combines standard FPS gameplay with portals. The developers pitch the title as being like Halo meets Portal, with the perfect combination of two franchises.

The game isn’t new on the block, having been available since May 2019, but Splitgate’s popularity has recently exploded, alongside its servers. Now, developer 1047 Games has secured an additional $10 million in funding to help the game handle the strain of a rapidly expanding player base.

Splitgate Beta
(Source: 1047 Games)

But so far, we’re still seeing lengthy queue times for Splitgate, which is still in its Beta testing phase. The game is set to release later this month, and hopefully, it will have enough server space to go around when it does!

With games like Call of Duty Warzone being ‘basically unplayable’ at the moment, it’s no wonder that other shooters are seeing explosions in popularity.

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How Long is the Queue for Splitgate?

According to a new post from Community Manager IronPandaGaming on the official Splitgate subreddit, Splitgate’s queue time is approximately 1 hour.

That means that players will be waiting to get online for around 60 minutes before hopping into Splitgate. But 1047 Games is already taking action to help out new players.

On top of attempting to get new servers online, the developer is also asking users to be considerate of others. After thanking so many users for hopping in and enjoying the Splitgate beta, the developer had this to say:

“To make sure as many of you as possible can get in, we politely ask you not to let your game running idle while you’re AFK and not playing. We know waiting sucks, so make sure to let other’s have some fun, too.”

However, 1047 Games isn’t stopping there. The developer assures fans that one of its primary goals by launch is to ensure that there’s no queue to pop online.

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Splitgate Queue Time
(Source: 1047 Games)

It’s fair to say that this should be possible with the additional $10 million in funding. And it’s definitely important to keep the expanding roster of players happy!

In the meantime, players are also enjoying the new Halo Infinite beta which is also active right now.

From everything we’ve seen, Halo Infinite is a return to form for the franchise. Here’s how to get access to the next Halo Infinite Tech Preview when it goes live!

Meanwhile Battlefield 2042 is also dropping a new trial period very soon. Sign up for the Battlefield 2042 open beta here for access to one of this year’s best shooters.

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And, like Splitgate in 2019, there’s one more shooter on the block that’s currently flying beneath the radar. And the popular upcoming free-to-play multiplayer title just revealed 2 more maps!

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Sunday 1st of August 2021

Iron Panda is not the Community Manager of Splitgate anymore. That information is about a year out of date.