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Is Splitgate Getting a Battle Royale Game Mode?

Is Splitgate getting a Battle Royale game mode? Developer 1047 Games reveals the truth in a new Q&A.

Recently, ‘Halo meets Portal’ style FPS Splitgate has been the latest internet craze. With many players quitting Warzone due to cheaters, a flood of fans need a new shooter to get hooked on.

It appears that Splitgate is one of the more popular choices right now. However, it’s worth noting that a lot of major Warzone streamers are playing Apex Legends instead.

Of course, it makes sense for Warzone fans to want to play another Battle Royale game, rather than a multiplayer shooter. But could Splitgate get a Battle Royale mode to compete with the other titans of the genre?

(Source: 1047 Games)

We did just see a massive boost to Splitgate server capacity, allowing more players into the game than ever before. And in a new Q&A, developer 1047 Games reveals the truth about a Splitgate Battle Royale.

Splitgate Battle Royale Mode

The most recent Splitgate developer Q&A reveals more about the recent rumors of a Battle Royale mode.

In a recent Twitch stream, developer 1047 Games revealed some interesting information about its popular FPS game. First of all, the team assured fans that Splitgate is absolutely dedicated to anti-cheat, throwing shade at other developers who don’t look after their games.

Next, the developer teased that Splitgate ports are coming for Nintendo Switch and mobile, with cross-play and more!

And finally, the team arrived on the topic of a Splitgate Battle Royale mode. Recently, rumors have been floating around that Splitgate is getting a Battle Royale, thanks to a tease on the game’s official Twitter.

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splitgate battle royale drop zone
(Source: 1047 Games)

However, despite a Battle Royale Drop Zone being present inside Club Silo in Splitgate, the game mode isn’t present in the game. Instead, jumping into the Battle Royale Drop Zone will simply kill the player immediately, a fact that the team took pleasure in demonstrating live on stream.

1047 Games attests that it doesn’t want fans to believe that it’s teasing a Battle Royale mode. However, the developer doesn’t deny the possibility of the gamemode coming at some point in the future either.

For now, though, don’t be expecting any surprise Battle Royale announcements inside Splitgate. After all, only recently we were seeing players queue for an hour just to play the game.

Thankfully, Splitgate queue times got a major decrease with the new patch!

And if you’re in the mood for a new FPS, there are a few options out there! Make sure to sign up for the Battlefield 2042 beta here, and ensure you’re on the list for the next Halo Infinite Tech Preview too!

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