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Splitgate Adds New Map, Final Killcam & More in Season 0 Update

That’s right, the Splitgate Season 0 update has finally arrived and it’s introduced plenty of new content to the game including a new map and final killcam.

Splitgate took the gaming world by storm when the Beta arrived on PlayStation and Xbox, but that was just the start. Now, the first official season of Splitgate has arrived and has introduced some great new content and features to the game.

Find out everything new in the Splitgate Season 0 update below, including a final killcam and a new map.

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Everything New in Splitgate Season 0 Update

Splitgate recently had an update to increase the server capacity, but now, the Season 0 update really adds some new content to the game.

New Map – Karman Station

First up, Splitgate has a new map to play on. Karman Station is a new and improved version of Outpost, which it will be replacing in the map roster.

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Splitgate Season 0 Karman Station Map

Final Killcam

Splitgate Season 0 has also introduced a final killcam to ALL game modes. A highly requested feature, players can now watch a replay of the epic (or not so epic) kill that won the game.

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Season 0 Battle Bass

Additionally, there is the new Season 0 Battle Pass for Splitgate players to complete. This includes 100 tiers of new items like armors, weapon skins, name tags, banners, and a portal skin.

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Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass

Contamination Game Mode & New Playlist

Contamination is a new asymmetrical game mode where the “human” team have to fight off the bat-wielding “contaminated”. If not, they’ll respawn on the “contanimated” team and have to hunt down their former teammates.

Also, there is the new Casual Team Rumble playlist full of wacky game modes.

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Quality of Life Changes in Splitgate Season 0

Last, but certainly not least, the Splitgate Season 0 update includes a number of quality of life changes. This includes an aim assist slider, bug fixes and an increased number of reward drops.

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Splitgate YouTube

Meanwhile, Splitgate players will also want to find out how to get some free items. Find out how to claim the free Xbox EXTREME skins in Splitgate.

Also, cheats are a problem in many games. In fact, Warzone Season 5 has been ruined by hackers. Luckily the Splitgate developers are “absolutely dedicated” to anti-cheat.

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