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Splitgate Is “Absolutely Dedicated” to Anti-Cheat, Unlike Warzone

In a new Q&A with the Splitgate developers, 1047 Games assures fans that it’s absolutely dedicated to a firm anti-cheat.

Splitgate is absolutely blowing up right now. With a lot of fans understandably frustrated with other FPS titles, a lot of gamers are looking for new things to play.

Right now, we’re still in a waiting period for the next Halo Infinite Tech Preview or the upcoming Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. And while we wait, other options like Splitgate and Apex Legends are pulling in a lot of players.

The former is so popular, in fact, that Splitgate fans have been waiting in hour-long queues just to play the game!

(Source: 1047 Games)

On the other hand, fans are quitting Warzone due to its extreme cheater situation.

Even top streamers are leaving Warzone after not being able to handle hackers anymore.

Now, 1047 Games is assuring fans that it won’t be making the same mistakes as the popular battle royale.

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Splitgate Making Improvements to Anti-Cheat Software

In a recent Splitgate developer stream, the team over at 1047 Games promises improvements to its existing anti-cheat software.

If you’re a new Splitgate fan, rest assured that the developer team is putting a big emphasis on anti-cheat. In a new Q&A with the fans, 1047 Games reports that its anti-cheat will only be improving with time.

Already, Splitgate has a functional anti-cheat that keeps hackers at bay. However, a few users are already finding their way around the software – something that 1047 Games takes seriously.

The developer assures fans that anti-cheat has been a big focus over the last few weeks. And the team also thanks its players for making use of the report function which it claims is really helping.

(Source: 1047 Games)

And although the anti-cheat has been “making big strides” recently, it’s not as simple as many users may believe.

“Anti-cheat is a constant battle…” CEO Ian Proulx reports. “Cheaters are clever, as annoying as it is. And they find – and they’re persistent yeah, and it’s frustrating because they get through, y’know, and then we stop them. And they figure out a way to get through that and we figure out a way to stop them.”

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On top of anti-cheat, we also know that Splitgate developers are banning gamers for using queue skip software too. But that doesn’t appear to be taking priority as much as stopping the more malicious hackers.

The team even throws in a quick dig at other titles like Call of Duty: Warzone which are not known for focussing on their anti-cheat as much.

“We are absolutely dedicated to, y’know, continuing, we know that’s a very, very important part of this game. We know it’s a big strength of ours that certain other games don’t [LAUGHS] focus on as much as we do.”

Later in the Q&A, the team talked about Splitgate’s upcoming Nintendo Switch and mobile ports!

In a recent update, we saw massive improvements to Splitgate queue times. On top of that, thanks to a Splitgate server capacity update, more players can hop into the game than ever before.

And is Warzone dying before its Season 5 update? The pros are weighing in with their opinions.

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