The much anticipated Splatfest event has finally come to Splatoon 3 with the new theme and dates confirmed.

If you’ve ever played a Splatoon game before, you’ve likely engaged in the extremely enjoyable Splatfest events. They divide the player base into two teams, with each team representing an answer to an all-important question.

Squid vs Octopus? Ketchup or Mayonnaise? Pick a side and battle it out with the other team. Splatoon 3 will finally be getting its first post-launch Splatfest as confirmed by Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct.

You’re going to want to look your best for Splatoon 3’s first post-launch Splatfest, so make sure you change your character to look the absolute best.

Splatoon 3 September Splatfest

Splatfest Themes

The first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest theme is: What would you bring to a desert island? You’ll be able to pick between three different options, which include:

  • Gear
  • Grub
  • Fun
the three main themes of Splatoon 3's Splatfest showing Gear, Grub and Fun with corresponding colourful illustrations in a row

The first post-launch Splatfest is starting with a bang thanks to its intriguing theme. Unlike Splatoon 1 and 2, Splatoon 3 involves three teams fighting at once. As a result, its theme has to reflect that.

Wondering what to expect? Check out everything there is to know about Splatfests in our ultimate guide before jumping in! After all, they now contain the new Tricolor Turf Wars!

Splatfest Dates

The Splatfest is starting on September 23 and will continue until September 25. So, be sure to set aside a few hours to really sink your teeth into this event.

Fortunately, for eagerly anticipating fans, the first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest is right around the corner. You really won’t have to wait long to wage war against the other teams.

Splatfest Start Time & End Time

The Splatfest will begin and end at the following times across the world:

  • PDT: September 23 5pm – September 25 5pm
  • EDT: September 23 8pm – September 25 5pm
  • BST: September 24 1am – September 26 1am
  • AEST: September 24 10am – September 26 10am
a map from Splatoon 3 covered in purple, orange and green ink with a light displaying an anchor in the centre and the dates of the Splatfest written below

It’ll be live for 48 hours only, so don’t miss your chance to take part!


The first official post-launch Splatfest will go live in

If you’re thinking of taking part in Splatoon 3’s first post-launch Splatfest, then you’re going to need the very best tips to help you win.

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