Splatoon 3’s next Splatfest is a collaboration with Pokemon – here are the start and end times for this upcoming event, as well as which team you should choose.

There’s no better time to play Splatoon 3 than when a Splatfest is live and, fortunately, we haven’t got long until the next one starts.

Even more exciting is that the next Splatfest is Pokemon-themed, just in time for the release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Splatoon 3 x Pokemon Splatfest – Start and End Time & Dates

Splatoon 3’s Pokemon-themed Splatfest will start on, Friday, November 11, 2022, at 4 PM PT and end on Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 4 PM PT.

This will be at 7 PM ET and at 12 AM GMT on the same days.

The Pokemon Splatfest will begin in .

three inklings holding various weapons from Splatoon 3 bashing into each other while grinning with blue, red and yelllow ink exploding in the middle of them

For other timezones, here’s when the Splatfest will begin and end:

TimezoneStart Date / TimeEnd Date / Time
Japan (JST)November 12, 9 AM JSTNovember 14, 9 AM JST
Australia (AEST)November 12, 10 AM AESTNovember 14, 10 AM AEST
London (GMT)November 12, 12 AM GMTNovember 14, 12 AM GMT
Europe (CET)November 12, 1 AM CETNovember 14, 1 AM CET
New York (ET)November 11, 7 PM ETNovember 13, 7 PM ET
Illinois (CT)November 11, 6 PM CTNovember 13, 6 PM CT
Colorado (MT)November 11, 5 PM MTNovember 13, 5 PM MT
California (PT)November 11, 4 PM PTNovember 13, 4 PM PT

Make sure to check out our ultimate guide for Splatfests, so you can help your team win the event!

Which Team Should You Pick for Pokemon x Splatoon 3 Splatfest?

We recommend going with Team Water for the Pokemon x Splatoon 3 Splatfest, for a few reasons:

Fire-type seems to be the most popular choice on Twitter, with many players opting for their favorite type. In second place is Team Water.

I’m on Team Fire. [I love] Sprigatito but Cindderace was my best friend and #1 fighter. – @Eebbeebreal

In the last Splatfest, Team Fun was the team that started strong, with many players and winning the Half-Time. However, Team Gear was in second during the halfway point and came out on top in the final results.

However, if you’re not competitive, you could always choose a team based on your favorite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter.