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Splatoon 3 Splatfest Ultimate Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about Splatoon 3’s Splatfest in our ultimate guide!

Splatoon 3 is keeping things close to previous titles, bringing back the iconic Splatfest for the third game in the series.

These events are extremely popular, with Splatoon fans playing throughout the events in an attempt to help their team win.

But if you’ve never taken part in a Splatfest, or Splatoon 3 is your first game in the series, you may want to find out more about these events!

What are Splatfests in Splatoon 3?

Splatfests are limited-time special events where players pick between three choices and are put into teams to see which one is the best.

Think of those times when you were arguing with a friend over which sports team, or which movie franchise is better. Splatoon 3 offers players three choices in each category to fight out, so you can finally say which one wins.

These choices are personal preferences. For example, an upcoming Splatfest could be a choice between Ketchup, Mayonaisse, or BBQ sauce. Or, it could even link to other Nintendo games like Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

What are Splatfests in Splatoon 3

Once you’ve decided on a team, you’ll be locked in for the entire Splatfest. So, make sure you want to stick with your choice.

But if you’re interested in the story behind these events, as well as the Inklings and Octolings themselves, find out what happened to humans in the Splatoon universe.

Which Team to Pick for Splatfests in Splatoon 3

There’s no right or wrong choice for which team to pick during Splatfests in Splatoon 3.

However, if you want to increase your odds of winning, we recommend checking out social media and seeing what people are choosing the most. A higher amount of players means you could be more likely to win.

In reality, whatever team you decide to join will stand a chance at winning, as many casual players won’t be posting what they chose online.

Which Team to Pick for Splatfests in Splatoon 3

How to Join a Team in Splatfests for Splatoon 3

You can join a team by heading to the Splatfest screen to your left as soon as you load into Splatoon 3.

Splatsville Splatfest Screen in Splatoon 3

Whenever you load into Splatoon 3 (or Splatsville itself), you can turn directly to your left to see a screen next to a clothing stall. Walk up to it and press “A” to interact. Once here, you’ll be able to choose between three teams up until the Splatfest starts.

Once the Splatfest begins, you won’t be able to change your team, so choose wisely.

How to Win Splatfests and Earn Clout in Splatoon 3?

Winning Splatfests in Splatoon 3 requires your team to earn a lot of Clout, which can be done in normal Turf War matches.

The amount of Clout you earn in any match varies depending on how much of the map you covered in ink. However, if your team wins, you’ll get a random multiplier to your Clout.

So, the best way to win Splatfest is to win matches online, and hope that other players on your team are also winning their matches.

But Splatoon 3 also throws in a new game mode during Splatfests to mix things up, called Tricolor Turf War.

It’s also a good idea to learn the maps beforehand, so you have the advantage. Check out all of the stages in Splatoon 3.

What is Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3?

Tricolor Turf War is similar to standard Turf War in Splatoon 3, except three teams will be playing to win the match.

After the halftime portion of each Splatfest, the first-place team is announced by Deep Cut. The team that is currently in the lead will randomly join Tricolor Turf War matches when searching for a normal match. Their goal is to win against two other teams of two.

As for the two losing teams, they can choose to find a Tricolor Turf War match at any time and will need to defeat a team of four.

What is Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3

In the middle of the map, the first-place team also needs to protect the Ultra Signal from attackers. If the attackers manage to take control of it, a member of Deep Cut will send in a Sprinkler of Doom, which sprays a large area of ink.

It’s more chaotic than standard Turf Wars, and the first-place team must hold a majority of the Turf in order to win. If they don’t, the opposing teams win. This can completely change who wins Splatfest overall.

How Often Are Splatfests in Splatoon 3?

Splatfests usually occur between 2-3 weeks after the last, however, they can sometimes be monthly.

There’s no real rhyme or reason as to when Splatfests will appear, but the theme is announced a few days prior to it starting.

You’ll also see floats in Splatsville appearing around the city, as well as the time of day changing to the evening when a Splatsfest is starting in a couple of days.

Every Splatfest in Splatoon 3

Here’s a list of every Splatfest that has happened in Splatoon 3:

Splatfest TeamsDateHalftime WinnerFinal Winner
Rock | Paper | ScissorsAugust 27, 2022 (Splatoon 3 Splatfest Demo)ScissorsRock
Gear | Grub | FunSeptember 23 – 25, 2022FunGear
Grass | Fire | Water (Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starters)November 11 – 13, 2022 WaterWater
Spicy | Sweet | SourJanuary 7-9SweetSweet

We’ll be updating this list as and when new Splatfests start and finish.

That’s everything you need to know about Splatfests in Splatoon 3. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start winning for your team!

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