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Splatoon 3 Job Listing Reveals Details About Upcoming Game’s Maps

A new job listing is revealing new details about the upcoming Splatoon 3 maps, before Nintendo even announces them.

Right now, all many Nintendo fans are talking about is Splatoon 3. The game’s recent announcement shocked gamers everywhere, and we’re excited to hear more about the upcoming title.

Of course, being a 2022 release, it’s going to be a lengthy wait for the new game. And although we are happy with the announcement, waiting so long for more news is going to be torture.

splatoon 3 turf wars
(Source: Nintendo)

Thankfully, Nintendo did release a series of new Splatoon 3 details, including weapons, gameplay mechanics, and more. But fans have also spotted a key piece of information for themselves.

Splatoon 3 Will Feature Returning Maps

According to a recent job listing, Splatoon 3 may feature some returning stages from older titles.

Favorites such as Goby Arena, Blackbelly Skatepark, and more may feature in Splatoon 3, with a new look. In the job advertisement, Nintendo is searching for a level designer to renovate some “existing” stages.

That means that the areas may return, but with a whole new look. Of course, there will have to be some tweaks in there to accommodate Splatoon 3’s new gameplay mechanics.

splatoon 3 new details
(Source: Nintendo)

On top of their level creation responsibilities, the level designer will adjust stages, weapons, and game modes. They will also place stage objects and balance weapon parameter data, so it sounds like quite the dedicated role.

In case you missed it, we saw some of Splatoon’s new maps in the official announcement trailer. However, the new stages were more focused around the Splatlands, Splatoon 3’s new wasteland area.

We’re happy to hear that the vibrant stages that Splatoon fans know and love may well be returning. Hopefully, they’ll come hand-in-hand with some other creative arenas.

Here’s everything else that the new Nintendo Direct had to announce, with new trailers, reveals, and more.

Splatoon 3 is releasing in 2022, but details are already dropping hot. In the meantime, you can play as Inklings in Super Smash Bros alongside the new DLC fighters also announced.

We also have new Zelda leaks on the horizon, promising additional reveals coming very soon. Thankfully, it appears that a Pokemon Direct is also on the way, with Diamond and Pearl remasters to reveal.

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