A brand new type of currency is available in Splatoon 3 called Conch Shells, and it couldn’t be easier to acquire.

Splatoon 3 is one of Nintendo’s biggest launches, and the excitement for its first post-launch Splatfest is high.

However, while the rules of Splatoon 3’s Splatfest remain mostly the same, there are some new additions to be aware of.

Outside of the theme, one of the most significant new additions is the Conch Shells currency.

With the Splatoon 3 Splatfest start date around the corner and the theme set, players will soon be able to acquire some Conch Shells!

What Are Conch Shells in Splatoon 3?

Conch Shells are a brand-new currency in Splatoon 3 that you can only gain during Splatfest events. They’re only available for a limited time due to being intrinsically linked with the event itself.

Fortunately, they’re exceptionally easy to come by and have multiple purposes for those who wish to collect them.

What Are Conch Shells For in the Splatfest?

Conch Shells can be used for the following purposes during the Splatoon 3 Splatfest:

  • The primary, and perhaps more fun, purpose is to use them at the new Splatfest-exclusive Shell-Out machine.
  • The second purpose is to gauge which team is winning the Splatfest. Your team’s Conch Shells will be pooled together to create an overall total score.
a drawing of a Conch Shell in Splatoon 3 surrounded by splashes of yellow, blue and grey ink

How to Earn Conch Shells in Splatoon 3

To earn Conch Shells in Splatoon 3, you’ll need to join the Splatfest event and increase your Catalog Level by playing online matches, including Salmon Run and Turf War.

It is also worth noting that your first win of the day will grant you additional XP. So, if you get a handful of matches in early, you should earn Conch Shells a lot faster.

various inklings from Splatoon 3 lined up with their weapons

How to Spend Conch Shells

To spend your Conch Shells, you will need to find the Shell-Out machine, which will give you a random reward for each one you have. It is really that simple.

There are a number of rewards you can obtain through the Shell-Out machine. However, to get a chance of earning any of them, you must insert a Conch Shell and give it a good spin.

Much like a gachapon machine, your reward will be totally random, although the rewards are all helpful in some way, shape, or form.

What is the Shell-Out Machine in Splatoon 3?

The Shell-Out machine is a gachapon machine that dispenses random rewards in exchange for an in-game currency or gold. For the Splatfest event, the Shell-Out machine is taking Conch Shells.

The first spin of the day will only cost you 5000 Gold, with any additional spins costing 30,000 Gold.

the Shell-Out machine from Splatoon 3 with different coloured balls inside of its plastic frame

So, be sure to use coins before any Conch Shells if you’re loaded.

Shell-Out Machine Rewards

Currently, the Shell-Out machine offers rewards such as:

  • Drink and meal tickets
  • Decorations for your locker
  • Banners for your Splat-tag
  • Cards for Tableturf Battles
  • And more

However, Nintendo has not yet confirmed whether the rewards given by the Shell-Out machine will be different during the Splatfest event. 

The specific rewards for the Shell-Out Machine during the Splatfest have not been announced yet. This article will be updated once rewards are disclosed.

Where is the Shell-Out Machine?

You will find the Shell-Out machine in the lobby area of the Splatsville hub in between the Crab ‘N Go vendor and the elevator.

It shouldn’t be too hard to spot as it looks like a gachapon machine. It will also have a Conch Shell icon above it during the Splatfest event.

an inkling standing in front of the Shell-Out machine from Splatoon 3 in the Splatsville area

Nintendo is yet to release the chances to get each reward, but expect the better rewards to have a much lower chance of success.

If you want to make the most of the Splatfest event and help your team win, then why not improve your Splatoon 3 game with some helpful tips?

Of course, once you’ve shelled out your Conch Shells, you should use your meal and drink tickets to get exciting bonuses for online matches.

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