Spiritomb can be found in two unique locations in the Glaseado Mountain region, once to the very West tip of the icy region and another time slightly East of the river running to the ocean.

Both Spiritomb spawns are static, meaning they’re guaranteed to appear in these locations.

First Location

Spiritomb’s first spawn is right on the edge of the icy peak, directly North from Casseroya Lake. In fact, the location where it spawns even seems to class as being part of the lake biome, despite being on the tip of the mountain overhang.

Where to Find Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Second Location

The second guaranteed Spiritomb spawn appears to the North of the icy region, just East of the river that runs through the Glaseado Mountain and into the sea. It seems that a Crystal Tera Raid Battle will often spawn nearby, slightly further East.

Another Spiritomb Spawn Location Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Even when caught, Spiritomb’s Pokedex entry will state that its habitat is unknown, but it seems that these two locations are 100% guaranteed encounters with the Ghost/Dark-Type Pokemon.

Spiritomb Habitat Unknown in Scarlet & Violet

How to Catch Spiritomb

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Spiritomb will know a move called Memento which immediately causes it to faint while lowering your Pokemon’s attack. Therefore, you should immediately use a Quick Ball at the start of the Spiritomb encounter to secure your catch!

In both of our encounters with Spiritomb, the Quick Ball was effective at catching the Ghost/Dark-Type Pokemon on turn one.

Quick Balls are available to purchase at Poke Marts, or at a Delibird Presents store, both only after acquiring 6 gym badges.

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Spiritomb Spawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Will Spiritomb Respawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

It seems that Spiritomb will not easily respawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as it is a static spawn that only appears in two locations around Paldea. However, by setting your Nintendo Switch system’s date to the next day, the Pokemon should respawn immediately!

How to Get Another Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To get another Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you’ll need to change the date of your Nintendo Switch console. To change your Switch’s internal clock, first ensure your game is saved, then:

  • Press the Home button and press X to close your Pokemon game.
  • Go to the Settings menu from your Home Screen (the cogwheel icon on the bottom).
  • Scroll down until you find System.
  • Move the left joystick to the right and then go down until you find Date and Time.
  • Press A and then set Synchronize Clock via Internet to Off.
  • Finally, select Date and Time and change your clock to 24 hours in the future.

When you boot up Pokemon Scarlet & Violet again, both Spiritombs will be ready and waiting at their spawns above!

Spiritomb Base Stats

Special Attack92
Special Defense108

Spiritomb Strengths & Weaknesses

As a Ghost/Dark-Type, Spiritomb has only one weakness, a 2x weakness to Fairy-Type attacks.

However, it is unaffected by Normal, Psychic, and Fighting-Type moves completely, as well as taking only half damage from Poison.

These resistances, alongside some brutal stats, make Spiritomb a nightmare to deal with, particularly to those without a strong Fairy-Type by their side!

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