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Spider-Man Remaster Looks Amazing on PS5 Now Fresh Upgrades Have Been Added

The updated version of Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) is now available on PS5. And we must say, it’s looking super slick.

The remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man released on PS5 alongside its standalone expansion, Miles Morales last month.

Both games were part of the special edition version. This allowed players to first experience Peter Parker’s campaign, then his partner in crime-fighting Miles Morales.

Miles is a Spider-Man in his own right, and the game takes liberties with the source material. But honestly, we’re glad it did.

Having two distinct Spidey’s is better than one and seeing them interact is simply joyous.

But as Miles Morales was made with the PS5 in mind, the earlier outing seemed slightly dated in comparison.

What Upgrades Have Been Added To Spider-Man On PS5?

This is no longer the case. Spider-Man 2018 on PS5 now benefits from all next-gen advancements that Miles Morales boasted from launch – and the game has never looked better.

This is a nice move by developers Insomniac, as it provides a degree of quality continuity to players who purchased both versions together. Both games feel like one big extended experience now.

Players will no longer feel the need to race to the finish of Spider-Man 2018 in order to get to the next-gen good stuff. Now both games are worthy of the PS5 together.

Spiderman Remastered

On PS4 Pro, Spider-Man 2018 ran at 30fps and upscaled to around 1500p, without ever getting that much higher than this resolution. While an upgrade from 1080p, it was far from full 4K.

The PS5 version however blows this out of the water. The game now runs in native 4K and renders in 60fps – much like Mile’s outing.

But what makes the Spider-Man remaster even more impressive is it now boasts the same ray tracing technology that Miles Morales features. This makes all the difference, and the game looks stunning since adding these updates.

If you’ve not played the 2018 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man and own a PS5, then this is the definitive version to play.

Check out Miles Morales ray tracing in action too. And if you’ve ever wanted to play as a web-swinging trash can, well, now you can.


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