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New Spider-Man PS5 Leak Reveals Symbiote Details, Characters, Villains & More

After months of waiting, we finally have a new leak for Spider-Man’s upcoming PS5 sequel.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man franchise is without a doubt one of the best things to ever appear on PlayStation consoles. In fact, the ability to experience Miles Morales in 4K and 60FPS modes is one of the reasons why some fans are desperate to get a PS5 in the first place.

Right now, the Spider-Man side story is so popular that Miles Morales is outselling both The Last of Us: Part 2, and Ghost of Tsushima in the US. That’s a crazy statistic, but it definitely helps explain the hype for the official Spider-Man sequel.

(Source: Insomniac Games)

Now, we have a new leak for Spider-Man PS5, and this leaker goes into details about the upcoming Symbiote storyline, playable characters, new villains, and more.

In case you missed it, we also had a major Spider-Man 2 PS5 leak revealing that the game has 3 playable characters recently!

Spider-Man 2 Leak Reveals New Details, Release Coming Soon

Thanks to a new leaker, we have more details to share about Spider-Man 2 for PS5. However, while the leak is getting some attention, it’s important to acknowledge that the user isn’t offering any proof to back up their claims.

According to the Reddit user, they’re not able to disclose how they came across this information. And while this is something of a red flag, it’s still interesting to hear what the leaker has to say.

Release Date and Story

In their detailed post, the Spider-Man leaker reveals that development on the upcoming game is “further along than most people think”. And, what’s more, the story this time will totally revolve around the Symbiote.

This could be no surprise to those who played the original Spider-Man for PS4, as the alien substance behind Venom’s power can be seen in the final moments of the game. However, despite appearing alongside Harry Osborn, the iconic character will not become Venom in the upcoming title.

spider-man 2 symbiote story
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Given that Sony is revealing a response to Xbox Game Pass soon, we wonder if some of the Spider-Man games will make an appearance.

Spider-Man PS5 Symbiote and Suit Details

Instead, it looks as though Peter Parker will be the Symbiote host once again, gaining a black suit complete with its own mechanics. Apparently, Spider-Man’s black suit will contain a unique upgrade tree, and feature abilities such as a “rage mode”.

In fact, suits as a whole will be a much bigger deal in the Spider-Man sequel, according to the leak. Several suits will factor into the story, and all previous suits will transfer to the new game.

(Source: Reddit)

Insomniac reportedly wants players to feel like they aren’t starting over as Spider-Man from the beginning again. And with that in mind, all progress on gadgets and upgrades can be transferred over from an old save file.

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New Spider-Man 2 Villains

After Spider-Man PS5 featured some of the web-slinger’s most iconic villains, the sequel won’t disappoint fans with a lackluster cast. However, Norman Osborn will not be the Green Goblin just yet, with Insomniac possibly holding back on the antagonist until the trilogy is complete.

Lizard will be coming in Spider-Man 2, although not as the main villain. Wraith (AKA Yuriko Watanabe) will also make an appearance as a repeating boss fight. As for the primary threat to New York, the leaker isn’t able to reveal the big boss – which is one of the most suspicious elements of this new leak.

spider-man 2 yuri watanabe
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Spider-Man 2 isn’t the only big thing in the works at PlayStation either. After all a new Last of Us and Uncharted game are reportedly coming soon!

Playable Characters

But when it comes to the heroes we’ll actually be playing as, fans will be happy to know that both Peter Parker and Miles Morales are playable. Allegedly, players will be taking on the role of Peter for the majority of the game, but Miles will have “a lot to do in the story” as well as his own side missions.

Once the campaign is done, you’ll even be able to swap freely between the two heroes. And thankfully, we’ll also see some expansion to the open-world as a whole after 2 games of the same New York City.

(Source: Insomniac Games)

Thanks to the lightning-fast loading in Miles Morales, we’d imagine that swapping between the two characters will be incredibly smooth.

Of course, Spider-Man 2 will also feature the insane power of the PS5 like Miles Morales before it. Considering that Insomniac is already a master at using 4k Ray-Tracing and higher FPS settings, we imagine the next game will take the graphical potential to new heights.

In fact, the Spider-Man developer informed users that it was just “scratching the surface” of the PS5’s power. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming game will look like when it launches.

Recently, we finally saw the announcement that some PlayStation exclusives will come to PC. It’s unlikely, but there’s always room for Spider-Man to make the cut sometime in the future.

And if you or anyone you know is still looking for a PS5 – here’s where to find the next-gen console this week!

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