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Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS4 vs. PS5 Comparison

The upcoming expansion to Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man collaboration will see Miles Morales take centre stage as the wall-crawler. But the PS5 version will also feature an enhanced port of the original game that was released on PS4 in 2018.

With both versions also coming to the PS4 and PS5, the big question is, how will each be different? And which version should players buy?

Many gamers face a tough choice, do they purchase the PS4 version or do they wait, pony up the cash and buy the upgraded PS5 version instead? This may influence when (and if) a player purchases a PS5 at launch, or waits until they come down in price.

The good news is Brian Horton, the game’s creative director, has provided some clarity about the difference between both versions. Here’s what we know following his recent interview with Game Informer:

The first and most obvious difference between the PS4 and PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be visual upgrades. The PS5 will offer crisp 4K and 60fps from the word go, providing the player has a compatible TV.

Speaking about the visuals, Horton said, "We were able to take full advantage of all the features in the PlayStation 5. One of those things was graphics fidelity; so, you're going to see ray tracing reflections everywhere in the game on PS5. That's not something we're going to feature on the PS4 version."

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Improvements On PS5

Horton also talks about the game responding to other PS5 technology, such as the DualSense controller’s improved haptic feedback. Specifically, the trigger shoulder buttons will create a more immersive experience compared to the PS4’s traditional rumble mechanics.

Explaining that his team put real effort into making Spider-Man’s web-swinging come to life, feeling like "bio-electricity to travel from one side of the controller to the other." He also talked about loading times being instantaneous, which will take the chore out of fast traveling around the map.

It was expected that some Spider-Man: Miles Morales content or DLC would be exclusive to the PS5, but it now appears that this is not the case. All content featured in the ‘Ultimate Bundle’ will be available for separate purchases on PS5 and PS4.

The Verdict

It seems clear that the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be the superior. As will the remastered PS5 version of the original PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man game from 2018.

This is to be expected really, but it also appears that both versions will be quality products. Horton was keen to stress that both will be enjoyable and offer “similar experiences,” but the PS5 version will naturally be at more of an advantage.

We’ve discussed the issues around cross-gen gaming before. A studio needs to walk a tightrope when opting for this model. They need to sell the next-gen version's benefits, but without disparaging the current-gen version – something that would risk cannibalizing sales.

See the difference for yourself in this side-by-side comparison of Spider-Man on PS4 and PS5 from YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits:

You can see the first boss fight from Spider-Man: Miles Morales in all its 4K glory here. As well as many of the unlockable suits and other improvements coming to the PS5 version here.


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