It’s finally release day for the Spider-Man 2 PS5 console plates but fans are unhappy with the ‘lazy’ and ‘terrible’ design.

After waiting weeks to get their hands on the new Spider-Man 2 PS5 console face plates, many gamers are finding themselves disappointed with the final product.

Despite an overwhelming demand for the new console plates, now that fans have the covers in their hands, they’re not happy.

Fans Aren’t Happy With Spider-Man 2 Console Face Plates

It seems that the PS5 fanbase is not happy with the Spider-Man 2 console plates, now that they’re finally within their grasp.

The console covers, which display a white Spider-Man logo being overtaken by the symbiote on the front, aren’t nearly as impressive on the back.

Now that gamers are able to check out the previously-unseen rear design, many are disappointed to find an all-black cover with a matching white Spider-Man logo.

“Wait. It’s not the symbiote version?” Reddit user BourbonGod writes. “They could’ve made the symbiote version big and in the middle of the plate, or Miles’s symbol. Wow.”

Other users confirm that they’d rather keep the PS5’s standard white plates than change to these. But those who just purchased the new Spider-Man 2 console bundle don’t have that luxury.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Console Plates

We’re sure there wouldn’t be quite so much controversy around the design if it was simply black, but something about the off-center logo leaves the console plates feeling cheap and tacky.

Thankfully, those who lie their consoles horizontally will never have to see the underside, but that’s not the case for vertical stand users.