Spider-Man 2 will feature the two heroes of the previous games, Peter and Miles, leaving players to wonder when you can swap between the two.

While it was already confirmed that you can play as both of these web-slinging superheroes, we did not yet know when you could switch.

However, the developers have now revealed when you will get to play as Peter or as his younger counterpart Miles.

When Can You Switch Between Peter & Miles in Spider-Man 2?

Players will be able to swap between Peter Parker and Miles Morales at any point throughout the game. This means you can decide which Spidey you will weave through the New York skyscrapers with.

However, you will only be able to switch between the pair when you are not playing through a mission. Although, based on the footage from the trailer, it appears that there will be missions that force you to swap.

The game’s developers officially confirmed this information in an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu.

You can see, there are scenes where the character is decided during the story mission. However, when exploring the open world outside of story missions, you can freely switch between characters.

Ryan Smith – Spider-Man 2 Game Director
Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2

Furthermore, each Spider-Man will boast its own unique collection of exclusive content, alongside the availability of other content where you have the freedom to choose your preferred hero.

Some content is exclusive to a specific character, but we also have content that allows you to choose whichever you prefer to play. Since they are both Spider-Man, they have some things in common, but Miles is more speedy than Peter, and they each have their own individuality, so I hope you can choose your favorite character.

Ryan Smith – Spider-Man 2 Game Director

Using the speed of Miles could be very useful in the upcoming title! This is because the map is set to be much larger than in the previous game.

The pace of the younger Spider-Man could be a great way to quickly make your way around New York.