As the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 draws closer, fans eagerly await more details about the game, and the developers have now revealed the size of the map.

This new insight into the game’s setting adds to the excitement surrounding Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ upcoming adventure, while the announcement of an official release date is still pending.

In the original game, players could web-sling all around Manhattan Island. However, it looks like the PlayStation Spider-Man universe is expanding!

How Big Is the Spider-Man 2 Map?

Compared to the previous Insomniac Spider-Man games, the map in Spider-Man 2 will be twice as large. The developers confirmed this in an interview with the Japanese publication Famitsu.

We’ve added Queens and Brooklyn to the map, which makes it roughly twice the size of our previous work.

Creative director Brian Intihar in a new interview with Famitsu

In the original game and the Miles Morales spinoff, the map size was built at a 1/4 scale of New York’s Manhattan Island. It was roughly 11.9 km2 (4.6 mi2).

Spider-Man 1 Map Size
Spider-Man PS4 map (via IGN)

This means players can expect the map in Spider-Man 2 to be around or exceed 24 km2or 9.2mi2. The location of the sequel will likely contain the same areas from the first game.

Twice the map should mean double the adventure, so check out all the characters you will encounter.

According to the developers, the Spider-Man 2 map will now contain the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Spider-Man 2 Across New York

The map will cover an extensive part of New York. The two boroughs, The Bronx and Staten Island, are the only missing locations in the sequel.

In case you missed it, you can see one of the new settings in the first-ever gameplay!