New Sony Trademark Reveals PS5 DualSense Slogan

A new trademark filed by Sony seems to have revealed the PS5 DualSense slogan.

The tech giant revealed its PlayStation 5 slogan “play has no limits” last week. Now, it looks like the DualSense controller slogan has finally emerged.

Heighten Your Senses

As first discovered by GameSpot (via USPTO), Sony’s new trademark filing is for the phrase “Heighten Your Senses”. This phrase will presumably be the new DualSense slogan. The controller’s haptic feedback appears to be the inspiration behind this slogan.

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DualSense is a major upgrade from the DualShock 4. It features an iconic all-new design and haptic feedback that will provide more immersive experiences, so much so that previous reports suggest it will allow you to feel in-game weather. The DualSense will also include dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone.

It appears as though the official PlayStation website has also confirmed its new PS5 DualSense slogan. If you take a look at the DualSense section, it mentions “Heighten Your Senses” as well.

Particularly with the console slogan, it seems Microsoft is heavily focusing on power whereas Sony is focusing on the games that will be available. While the Xbox Series X slogan is “power your dreams,” the PlayStation 5 is “play has no limits.”

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