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PlayStation 5 User Experience – First Official Look at the PS5 UI

Sony has released a new video on its YouTube channel giving us a sneak peek at the PS5 user experience. This is the most in-depth look we've had at the PS5s menu systems since the console was announced.

The video starts from the boot screen and sees the narrator log into his PSN account quickly and smoothly. He’s then directed to an in-game “Control Centre”.

From here we can he’s in the middle of playing launch title Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

This “Control Centre, which is always just one tap of the PlayStation button away” is the central hub of each game where all other features can be accessed.

Sony Show Off The PS5 User Experience For The First Time
PS5 UI Screenshot 1

PS5's New Card System

The PS5 User Experience narrator then shows off the Cards System. Each card represents a feature such as news, media captures etc.  Activity cards for example show a percentage of progress and playtime estimates.

Some cards let players jump to specific points in a game. Something which has never been done before by a console. So it will be interesting to see how this works and what the rules behind it are.

For example, we find it unlikely that this system will just allow gamers to skip chunks of a game. It seems more likely that these cards are more like bookmarks or special checkpoints.

Sony Show Off The PS5 User Experience For The First Time 2
PS5 UI Screenshot 1

The cards also keep track of the players progress on specific points of a game. With Sackboy, this is each individual level, so the player can see which tasks they missed or have already completed.

We imagine Trophies will factor into this too. This is great for those who collect Trophies, but we imagine it could grate on those who don’t.

The cards also feature official help and guidance options too. The idea here to keep the player on the PS5. Even when they get stuck.

Sony Show Off The PS5 User Experience For The First Time 3
PS5 UI Screenshot 3

This way they won't be tempted to Google the solution to a game challenge, or check YouTube for a ‘Let’s Play’. The guidance will offer hints without revealing spoilers.

Seamless Party Chat options allow the players to jump in and out without needing to interrupt the flow of gameplay. This includes screen-sharing, as in we can watch our friends play while we are. Even if we’re playing a different game.

PS5 User Experience - Seamless App Transitions

The PS5 User Experience narrator also shows off how quickly one game session can be ended (without losing progress). Then how another game can be loaded. He mentions how this can be done so quickly due to the PS5’s “super-fast SSD.”

Towards the end of the video Sony finally give us a look at the PS5’s main menu. Due to each game having its own Control Centre, we imagine we’ll see this a lot less than we did on PS4.

Sony Show Off The PS5 User Experience For The First Time 4
PS5 UI Screenshot 4

Games can boot right into each games Control Centre, meaning we’ll only access the main PS5 menu when we need it.

Media related content such as Netflix and other apps will all have their own card system. This will work in a similar way to how it does with games.

The narrator shows us the PS5 Explore feature but doesn’t reveal too much about it. Telling us we’ll need to wait for launch to understand it fully.

Finally, before sharing an image of gameplay he took, the narrator tells us that the PSN Store will be integrated this time, rather than a separate app. PS5 and backwards compatible PS4 games can all be found here.

This news comes hot on the heels of the PS4 Party Chat Controversy, the details of which Sony has now clarified.

Check out the video in full here:


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